New pre-order bonuses for Company of Heroes 2 announced

Company of Heroes 2

By on April 9, 2013 at 8:21 am

SEGA have announced more bonuses for those who slap down a pre-order for the upcoming Company of Heroes 2, due out on June 26.

If you pre-order the game you can now access a new ‘Theatre of War’ mini-campaign, which will be a single-player story released post-launch.

The ‘Winter Ambush’ and ‘Voronezh Front’ skin packs will also be made available, allowing you to customise the appearance of your vehicles. Two multiplayer commanders will also be made available — Germans get access to the Joint Operations Doctrine for artillery strikes, and the Offensive Spearhead Doctrine for heavy armour and airstrikes. Meanwhile the Soviets get the Anti-Infantry Tactics Doctrine which unlocks flamethrower tanks, and the Conscript Support Tactics Doctrine to give rapid reinforcement.

If that tickles your fancy, you can now get Company of Heroes 2 for $45 on Green Man Gaming if you use the code GMG25-S0FSG-R7Z9B before April 12. Whatever you do, don’t pay regular ripoff prices — it’s currently $90 on Steam, which is a staggering markup for Australians that nobody should be forced to pay.

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Sorry, no more pre-orders for me. I’m sick of “kickstarting” games for major developers who in turn release rubbish, bug ridden, rinse & repeat games AND gouge me in the process.
I will wait for the reviews & post release obligatory dozen patches to repair the game & pick it up off steam for $10.
Ps..throwing all these pre-order bonuses in only makes it reek of desperation.


I’d rather not run the risk that the game turns out to be another Aliens: Colonial Marines.


Yeah, I’m not into getting stupid little toys/figurines and in game bonuses for pre ordering. I’d much rather wait, check out some reviews before investing and then making a decision.


Its COH, so I pre-ordered, loved the first game.

Pre-ordering gives you beta access to check out the game and its promising.

Very similar to the original in a lot of ways, but with some significant changes, my biggest gripe with it so far is that the graphics do not look to have improved at all from the first game.

Worth $45? To anyone thats a fan of the first games, yes. To anyone on the fence/looking to get into the COH series, probably not.


I never understand why people complain about beta graphics, since we are only balance and server testing there is no need for the game to contain the full hd textures. I’ve sunk 20+ hours into the beta and after a few games against ai I had mixed views. Then my friends got the game and since then together we have been playing hard learning the maps and forming strats together and this game Definatly has all the magic which made the first game great. The only reason I preordered was to get into the beta. I was happy to pay more money, when it meant I could get an extra month of play and playing before launch. Which will give me and my team a huge advantage at launch


Got a Beta Code from (thank you Hookups steam community group for that lead and every other deal ;))

As a self confessed RTS Failure of a scrub, I got my ass handed to me by an easy computer ai – but wow is the ai pretty impressive, was constantly getting flanked from several dug in positions, interesting new mechanic in the troop temperature system also.

So far however it just personally feels more of the same, similar troops, similar ’3 upgrade tree’ system, I dunno. Maybe I’m just not a fan of the Eastern front theatre and miss the American/British teams.

Will perhaps give this one a lookover during a <$10 sale on any of the 'usual' alternate non price gouging retailers at some point in the future.

Byzantine Dragon

Fair Warning

If you use ATI/Radeon HD4xxx series the beta won’t work [Also some other cards, inc Nvidia]. Developers are looking into fixing this for final game (or beta version).


I per-ordered from GMG but can’t see any anything for this mini-campaign. how do you get access to it?

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