New Elder Scrolls game ‘Arena’ appears in Classification Database

The Elder Scrolls

By on April 15, 2013 at 5:13 pm

A lovely reader by the name of Nathan has alerted us to the fact that something called The Elder Scrolls: Arena has appeared in Australia’s Classification Database.

Given an M rating on April 9, the listing provides no information about the title other than ‘Moderate Violence’ and ‘multi-platform’. Could it be a reboot of the 1994 DOS title of the same name? Or maybe just a HD remake?

Or could it be something new? A multiplayer Elder Scrolls title? Something to tide us over until The Elder Scrolls Online?

Your guess, it seems, is as good as ours. More news if and when it comes to hand.

Source: Classification Database

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Wow, cool. My guess would be a HD remake for mobile devices.


Wow, cool. My guess would be a HD remake for mobile devices.



I place my bet on a F2P title if its MP. If its SP only a HD remake is likely.


If its a reboot of an old ES game instead of a HD upgrade I’d rather them remake Morrowind in Creation engine, would be great to see.


I never played the original Arena. I probably still won’t if it’s released on the mobile platform… <_<



The Creation Engine is the same engine Morrowind was on though, just with a little more window dressing (and more bugs to boot!)



Skyrim is the least buggy TES game I’ve played. Oblivion crashed half-hourly and got continually worse as I modded it further. Skyrim rarely crashes, on my system at least.

I’d be surprised if this wasn’t a HD remake.


hobomaster: The Creation Engine is the same engine Morrowind was on though, just with a little more window dressing (and more bugs to boot!)

No it’s not, morrowind used a Gamebryo engine, Creation is a whole different engine.

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