Is this the next Call of Duty?

Call of Duty Ghosts 580x300

By on April 25, 2013 at 8:48 am

Activision has rolled out a new Call of Duty title every year since 2006, so it isn’t exactly surprising to learn that a new instalment is in the works. However, it seems that the title and cover art for the latest iteration have leaked just a wee bit sooner than the publisher would have preferred.

Overnight, a game dubbed Call of Duty: Ghosts popped up (ever so briefly) on the website of UK retailer Tesco. A similar listing appeared on Target’s US website.

At least one important detail can be gleaned from the leaked material: the game is in production at Infinity Ward rather than Treyarch. Given the title, you have to wonder if the unidentified cover model could be Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley of Modern Warfare 2 fame. It’s probably too early to say for certain.

While the Tesco listing didn’t make reference to a PC version, this isn’t necessarily cause for concern. Every core entry in the series has made an appearance on the platform.

If the leak is accurate, Call of Duty: Ghosts will launch in the first week of November.

Source: GameSpot

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yeah wooohoo another cod game *rolls eyes*


If it’s on a new engine for the new consoles I might slightly raise an eyebrow. Otherwise, MEH.


Ive bought every one so far, but i think ill skip this one. The pc mp numbers have fallen off significantly since 2006, so there’s not much point buying it for mp.


If it’s P2P again, no sale. Servers only.

Fed up of the whole I have a high ping so I win crap.


If it’s on a new engine for the new consoles I might slightly raise an eyebrow. Otherwise, MEH.



i loved black ops 2 and i hope this one will have the same level of storytelling in a next-gen engine


faith in humanity continues to fall.


“At least one important detail can be gleaned from the leaked material: the game is in production at Infinity Ward rather than Treyarch.”

conundrum in itself.


Wish theyd do something new, the modern settings been flogged more than ww2 now.

Theres tons of settings they could go with, even just between modern and ww2. Vietnam, Korea, Something cold war, heck they could even do the afganistan civil/soviet war though i doubt that would go over well with alot of audiences.


Pretty sure it’s a current gen game, so don’t expect PC graphics to look half as good as they should. They don’t like making the same game look horrible on one platform and brilliant on another like in the past.

I am a solid PC gamer and the COD series can be good fun if you’re not into any remote sense of realism. But I’ll admit that the COD games are much more enjoyable on console than PC these days. It’s a travesty. But there is just so many more people playing the console versions, unlike the PC ones where you struggle to find a decent game. And half the time when you do there’s some asshole hacking ruining it for the 5 other people who wasted the money buying the game..


Of course it’s the next COD game. Why would it be anything else?

Also, it’s a given that Infinity Ward would be developing this one. Remember that it alternates between them and Treyarch every year.

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