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By on April 17, 2013 at 3:43 pm

Our games servers are a huge part of the games network here at GON, and we love them to bits! As work continues on bringing all of the awesome old 3FL servers over to, we find ourselves with more and more servers each day in need of configuration, tweaks and attention from our fantastic admin team.

Here’s where you come in! Pick a game, any game, and tell us what changes you’d like to see to the way we run our servers. Maybe there’s a special config one of your friends is running that you’d like to see on a public server. Maybe there’s an awesome map that you’ve found and we should be adding to our rotation ASAP. Maybe it’s something else entirely.

Jump into the comments section below and sound off on what sort of changes you’d like to see as we move into April and the rest of the year.

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psst, a UT3 server running the CBP3 and UOF map packs! (maybe my maps too) :P
(thought I’d give it a try!) ;)


I would like to see some improvements to the amount of QuakeWorld servers. 1 would be a good start :-)


imo, i think the whole game servers page needs a complete overhaul. its ancient. something like idea, obviously thats patented or something but u get the idea. Drop down menus for games, up to date player numbers and whos playing on what server, etc etc etc. basically its the one area i believe GON is being let down by. For a pc centric site, that runs its own servers, its hard to believe that the server page is in such poor state.


I thought there was talk of Quake III servers a while back, but last time I looked, nothing (or am I looking in the wrong place?). At least one vanilla QIII server would be excellente.

Also, vanilla Unreal Tournament please!


Maybe a few left 4 dead 2 servers running confogl mutation.


I believe there was talk of Quake 2/3 and CoD:UO at the start of the year. What happened to those?


One ranked HC Domination Black Ops server :)

Byzantine Dragon

I agree with Sir Giggles

The server page leaves a lot to be desired. With many games you never know how many players in the server until you load the game. With the old Internode Games Network server page you could at least see if a game is going. Or use the IP address in some of the more buggy server browsers.

Also I keep reading how Arma 3 desperately needs a good quality server to avoid framerate drops and host 64+ servers. Hint hint. (sigh) if only.


more DOTA2 servers please, this is a fantastic game on PC

James Pinnell

Trust me, the server page is being worked on.


Thanks for the suggestions! :D We are absolutely looking to get a few Quake and UT servers up. Yep, that’s 99/2k/3 etc :).

James Pinnell:
Trust me, the server page is being worked on.

I’d go so far to say it’s getting an update next week :).


Counter-Strike: Source servers:

New SteamPipe update for the game changed the way sv_pure works, removed sv_consistency… meaning that sv_pure 0 still checks consistency on custom files. This causes errors with my HD/HQ skins, making them invisible and spamming the console with error messages.

Solution: Have some servers use sv_pure -1 (this disables consistency checks)


Would it be possible to enable votes to kick players on more of the Team Fortress 2 servers?

Although Valve has VAC it sometimes takes an age to ban a player for cheating, meanwhile they can run havoc on your servers. If kick votes were enabled, players could take care of the hacker themselves without needing an Admin to be on the server.


I dunno about anyone else but my and all my mates would kill for a Dark Messiah: Might & Magic MP server again. That games MP is soooooo damn good!


Also I keep reading how Arma 3 desperately needs a good quality server to avoid framerate drops and host 64+ servers. Hint hint. (sigh) if only.

Unfortunately that’s not up to GoN but rather BIS the developer who have not yet released dedicated server software. =(


I like using the servers. I only play crisis 3, and they are rarely populated and there is good reason for this.

As mentioned in a post I made, there needs to be 350 ping limited servers, and I was told #6-#16 would be done, however I don’t see any changes. Secondly you need to make some dedicated servers for TDM, CS, Spears, and the others.. I suggested 3 of each on the ping limited and non limited servers.
I have also suggested to switch to the Cryleague RCON setup as this will stop server crashes from ping limits. Also please use shorter time limits for ping too. 90seconds is too long.. 30seconds id better.

Right now we are stuck using gamarena servers and we don’t like it. Please do something to fix this soon. People have also been complaining to crytek about it, specifically AUST and SEA users who need to use our servers as we offer good stability and good ping.


Wishful Thinking!

In regards to Quake III Arena

The old 3FL servers (now GON) have an old version of Punkbuster and makes it impossible to join, I would like to see IOQ3 or Q3 1.32e as they are more current than 1.32c. Custom maps are in the rotation but server-side downloads are off, enable downloads and use a redirect with IOQ3 and custom content should be really good to have. There are two uFreeze with one Unlagged, to really get people interested I suggest one Rocket Arena 3, one Team Arena while keeping the default/Unlagged one, I haven’t mentioned CPMA as at this in time there are 9 servers for that across three different hosts and two cities.

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