Former Big Huge games developers move to BioWare for next Mass Effect

Mass Effect 3

By on April 29, 2013 at 11:33 am

The fine internet tradition of digging through resumes and LinkedIn profiles has revealed that multiple former Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning developers have now joined up with BioWare Montreal.

Colin Campbell, lead world designer, and Ian Frazier, lead game designer, have both revealed that they’ll be working with BioWare on the game that is NOT Mass Effect 4.

The developers were formerly working on an Infinity Blade project for Epic Games, who bailed out a large number of Big Huge’s employees when the company collapsed.

Source: Kotaku

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Kind of fitting that the next Mass Effect won’t be labelled 4 then, especially as these Big Huge guys can’t seem to juggle numbers well :P

Yes, yes I jest, good luck to them hopefully this employment is more stable and fruitful for them.


As much as I’d love to continue on with the adventures of Commander Sheperd, I thought the series seemed to end fittingly as a trilogy. I reckon do another trilogy with another protagonist, then see where we go after that. No crappy one-off Gears of War Judgement spinoffs please.


After all Bioware’s recent releases, I can’t see how anyone can be overly excited about anything they’re working on, honestly.


After all Bioware’s recent releases, I can’t see how anyone can be overly excited about anything they’re working on, honestly.

Because Bioware have released some super awesome games recently? Like Mass Effect 3.

Ralph: They’ve said Shep is done, and I agree with you about why that’s a good thing, there’s a few awesome things before the ME story lines they could set a game around, or just make some events after, I’m looking forward to seeing where they go.

Bane Williams

I’m glad to see some of Amalurs developers find homes. The game has a lot of hidden goodness, and well thought out coding. It’s a shame it takes a dozen hours to find it.


My thought exactly. I kind of enjoyed Amalur, despite its shortfallings. Never finished mind you. Anyhow, I think the ex Amalur developers will make a great addition to the Bioware staff.


I really tried to like Amalur, played through to try and find good stuff.

It was just boring as all poop, and really didnt get any better. It played like a ftp korean mmo. I finally gave up about 2/3 of the way through, after stopping a few times and trying again a month or two later. It just wasnt fun at all.

It honestly boggles the mind why anyone would give dev’s who make that kind of product a new job.



Agree. I had major ME3 rage when I finished it the first time (loved the multiplayer). Recently replayed it and loved it, up until the ending :P god I still hate it. But the DLC expansions were brilliant, Leviathan was amazing.

Replayed SWTOR, loved it. Replaying Dragon Age II atm, enjoying it, despite the horrendous reuse of maps etc.

Just wish they’d go more indepth with their RPG mechanics though.

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