FC3: Blood Dragon gets first official gameplay trailer

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

By on April 12, 2013 at 4:29 pm

I’m a pretty enormous fan of games that don’t take themselves seriously, and so this trailer for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon — a game where you play a Mark IV Cyber Commando and fight legions of cyborg warriors — makes me pretty happy. It’s Far Cry 3, reskinned with robotic ninjas, neon lights, a rocking 80′s soundtrack, and dragons. Yes, dragons.

Take a look below and see what you think or, if you’re one of those who hacked Uplay to get early access, watch it once in penance.

Language warning on this one, so watch it with headphones on if you’re in the office.

You can now pre-order it on Steam for $18 USD (thanks, PalZer0).

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Oh boy, a gameplay trailer a few days after hundreds of people have finished the game.


I don’t care that it’s a mere $3 difference, the fact that they’ve decided to price gouge us anything at all on something as mundane as this is beyond pathetic.

Will wait for Amazon to get steam keys (they tend to do that with ordinarily non steam-works games – FC3, AC3, Max Payne 3..) and wait for their typical kick ass sales.



Good catch. Also, since it’s a Ubisoft title, it won’t be available for Aussies on GMG either.

Screw you Ubisoft.


man, i hope somewhere in the game is a reference to Major Lazor, i will buy it if so.


Still seems like good value to me :-)


Is it me or did they just attach neons to everything in the game (Even the wildlife) and then charge people $18 to play it?


Yeah terrible neon lights…overcharging us…back in a minute *ducks off to preorder*


its hilariously awesome, seriously buy this game the soundtrack is awesome and the gameplay, well its like farcry 3 but when you headshot the cyberguys in the head, it just explodes with cybermush xD def worth getting


How long is it?



Around 4-5 hours if you’re a completionist (took me that long to finish it and collect everything), but I didn’t screw around much, I pretty much went mission to mission.



Around 4-5 hours if you’re a completionist (took me that long to finish it and collect everything), but I didn’t screw around much, I pretty much went mission to mission.

That’s a shame – I was hoping it was closer to a full game.


Michael Biehn people

Hicks should never had died. Nuff said

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