Dead Island: Riptide customers sent Steam codes for Dark Souls instead

Dark Souls

By on April 29, 2013 at 11:47 am

Some UK and Nordic customers who purchased boxed retail copies of Dead Island: Riptide for PC have found that the Steam codes they’ve been asked to activate actually end up redeeming them copies of Dark Souls instead.

The printing mix-up has been explained on the Steam forums by Deep Silver’s community manager, who said that “Dark Souls is an amazing game, but you probably bought Dead Island Riptide to play Dead Island Riptide! For those of you who don’t know this, Dark Souls is also not a Deep Silver game.”

“We are aware of this mixup by whoever printed these codes for a completely different game from a different publisher, and are working on a best possible solution to help affected players and retailers.”

If you’ve purchased a boxed retail copy of Dead Island: Riptide from the UK to save on unfair Australian price-gouging, and this happens to you, contact Steam Support and you’ll be given the correct game.

Meanwhile, we reviewed Dead Island: Riptide and called it “boring, by-the-numbers, fan service”. Read the full review here.

Source: MCV

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I would also presume that you bought Dead Island Riptide to avoid having to deal with a game that has GFWL in it (as is the case with Dark Souls).

How the hell could a mixup like this get through QA unchecked?


Getting Dark Souls instead seems like a good deal.



Was thinking that myself. I found Dark Souls to be a far more entertaining game in every way.

That said I can understand the frustration of buying one thing and getting another, so…



I dunno, If I bought a Fully Sik Nissan Skyline [Riptide] but instead received a classy and usually very expensive Mercedes[Dark Souls]..I don’t think I’d complain.


Getting Dark Souls instead seems like a good deal.

Yep at least your money isn’t wasted on dead island.



Yeah that would be great, unless you already own a very expensive Mercedes. As much as the Merc might be awesome, there’s no real point in getting another is there?

Otherwise it’s kind of like a few times where I’ve ordered from one of the many fast food places around Rocky, got the food and gone “they’ve screwed my order up again!” shrugeed and gone “well let’s see how this tastes anyhow.” Then ended up with a new favourite menu item. Some folk might throw a tantrum and storm up to the counter with a head full of steam, I kind of think it’s a new reason to try something new. Perhaps some of the folk in this situation can think of it that way?


I wish I got this mix-up, not really liking the new Dead Island and I haven’t played Dark Souls yet. I played the first hour but have since been distracted by re-playing Baldur’s Gate Trilogy for the first time in 12 years.


You can get Dark Souls for less than $20 from a number of online retailers, so wouldn’t the mix up be inefficient cost wise? For a moment I thought they’d just allow you to have both titles, similar to a mix up I believe EA had, but then I realised the whole different publisher thing would be an issue. Seems really odd that keys would get mess up across companies.

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