Creative Soundblaster Headset Giveaway Winners: Check out these amazing broken headphones

Creative Soundblaster Competition

By on April 19, 2013 at 5:15 pm

Our competition to give away five Creative Soundblaster Wireless 3D Gaming Headsets has drawn to a close — and now it’s time to announce the winners. As always it was a hard slog going through so many terrifying and frankly upsetting entries, but we’re very happy to inform you that the following five people will soon be replacing their truly awful audio setups with sweet cans courtesy of Creative.

First Prize

Our first prize winner is Rodrie3 — with his winning combination of two foamless cans sticky-taped to a bendy plastic ruler, we were moved to tears by the thought that any man (or woman) should have to wear such a hideous contraption while gaming. Disgusting.

Rodrie3 walks away with Creative’s premier wireless headset, a Soundblaster Recon 3D Omega — with hardware-accelerated THX TruStudio Pro sound, a proprietary Scout Mode to let you hear enemies from further away, booming 50mm neodynium magnet drivers and cross-platform compatibility with your consoles as well, the Recon 3D Omega is a sweet piece of kit.


Our four runners-up will each receive the excellent Soundblaster Tactic 3D RAGE, a thoroughly excellent piece of kit which you can read our review of right here. The Tactic 3D Rage comes with 16 hours battery life, a 50mm neodynium magnet drivers for excellent sound, and an impressive range.

In no particular order: Burty13 impressed with his Macgyver-starring entry, a tragedy of blu-tac and masking tape.

We also enjoyed blahman3000‘s entry, a shining example of inspiration under the pressure of a LAN. A truly awful audio setup, and one we’ll be glad to correct. regular Wyld caught our eye with these headphones, snapped off on both sides and held back together with blu-tac. Awful. And leading a guild on raids with these, no less? Shameful! Something must be done.

Last but by no means least, mensly blew our minds with the hoops he leaps through to get his headphones working every day. Jerry-rigging a console headset to your PC through an Xbox controller and an adapter? No more!

Congratulations to all our winners! You’ll soon be listening in style, thanks to Creative. We’ll be contacting you by forum PM very soon to grab your details.

Thanks to everybody who entered and thanks again for Creative for the prizes! Please join me in congratulating our winners.

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I am overcome! I would’ve been happy with even the Rage headphones but… Thank you, guys! Thank you!


lmao, well done guys, enjoy your new headphones!


Congrats guys, they are all truly pathetic headphones hahaha. Enjoy the winnings :D


lmao, grats you poor bastards! :D


Ouch… my chewed up pair probably should’ve entered but I already bought a pair of m50s which are amazing headphones compared to gaming ones anyway but damn expensive.


The best entry won. Congrats!


That MacGyver pic just makes me lol.
Well done all, I was going to enter but my one piece of tape holding my headphone cup on was paltry compared to the rest of you guy’s. have fun!


Nice job guys, those were terrific entries. :)


Sigh. Knew I’d lose another comp. :(



Sigh. Knew I’d lose another comp. :(


I’ve been here 10 years and I’ve never won a thing. Just keep trying. You’re bound to win something eventually…

…or actually don’t. Noone try for the next giveaway… …please!


Congrats winners!

Some of those entries are hilarious.


Wootberries and Pwncream!


Silly me, no head phones that work, hours taking photos, editing with light room and thinking of a caption when all I needed was blue-tac! Noted.


Ah HA hA hA HA! grats guys. about time you got an upgrade :)


blah …… i thought i was in with a chance on this one ? ah well

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