Company of Heroes 2 closed beta begins for customers who pre-ordered

Company of Heroes 2

By on April 3, 2013 at 9:08 am

If you’ve slapped down money for Company of Heroes 2 on Steam, it’s good news for you: the closed beta period has begun.

Six maps are available to play on during the closed beta, giving you a taste of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 multiplayer.

Comp-stomps against the AI are also working in the closed beta, as is the army customiser tool. The first 40 levels of progression have been unlocked for testing.

It’s not clear what’s happening for customers who pre-ordered through Origin instead of Steam; some comments I’ve seen indicate that the whole affair is a mess and might not be fully functional yet (if it ever will be at all, as SEGA’s press release only mentions Steam).

Source: Press Release

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$80 on steam…… Bawahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Oh wait, their serious???



Er, why is that laughable exactly?



Serious?? The last time I paid $80 for a game Johnny Howard was still in power. Are you really serious?? Or are you one of those consumers that doesnt shop around but instead throws your money at the monitor every time a game is released. Google “Aussie price gouging” and get ready to waste a week reading.
Naaahhhh your tittie twistin me arent ya?? Sega are renowned price gougers.

And Tim…cheers mate, yeah GMG, Gamersgate, Ozgameshop….I have accounts with them all, the business that treats me the same as everyone else, no matter where I live…gets my business.


I don’t know what you’re complaining about. Pretty much every ‘AAA’ title released still holds and $80+ price tag. Sure there are new trends such as F2P and Kick-starter projects, and of course the MMO approach, but there will always be a place for fully fledged titles released at such a price.

To put things in perspective I purchased CoH 1 for $80 in 2006, and the Opposing fronts Expansion again at $80, and Tales of Valor for a further $60. I have over 600 games played on my CoH account which to myself easily justifies the price tag.

As much as I hate to use the term, you must be a ‘casual gamer’ if you think that price is unreasonable in todays market.

Just my 2 cents, (or $80, clearly its subjective).



The price is unreasonable because if you were buying the identical game through Steam in the rest of the world, you would only be paying $60.

How have you managed to miss the Aussie price gouging debate that’s been going on the for the past 5 years? Simply put, people in Australia are charged more for software because enough of us are gullible enough to pay the higher prices.


Incorrect, we are charged more because to remain commercially viable within our market they have to adjust the price relative to our population, factoring in economical standings. Contrast this to Russia for instance that has a massive population but lower economic status, and therefore cheaper games. (Hence all the cheap Russian serial keys).

If you think that inflated game costs are bad, have you tried looking at general living expense comparisons?

TL:DR if you want cheaper games move to a country where its low economy is offset by a larger population.



Russia actually doesn’t have that big a population they have large area yes, but they don’t have a large population, they’re on par with the rest of the major European powers and actually have less than the US.

Further more Russia has a lot of game piracy, this is why the Industry is rather hostile towards the Russian market and refuses in many cases to translate their games into Russian.

Your logic would suggest that China would have games far far far far far far far far cheaper than even the US does which simply isn’t true, think about the number of people living in china, now compare it to America… Your logic is completely and utterly flawed.

You’re a blatant apologist. We are charged more because we put up with being charged more.. Microsoft even stated this fact. They will charge as much as the market is prepared to pay.. nothing more nothing less. Unless we shop around, call them out and in some cases even compete against them we will continue to be ripped off. If you do not want to do anything about this I’d argue its you that should be moving to another country.. because your attitude is frankly un-australian.. we don’t put up with crap. When there’s a problem we’re always the first to raise our hands and say “Oi.. fair go mate!”.. not “YES SIR I ENJOY BEING RIPPED OFF PLEASE DO IT AGAIN”.


GammaD = Nail on head ;)

Nosferatu if you paid stupid money for games (yes $220 for the CoH collection is stupid money) then trying to claim other methods for purchase are bad for the economy is pointless. You are already a consummate consumer. Your decisions are based on lies and propaganda, mostly spread by Aussie businesses (Harvey “I hate online” Norman, Dick “I sell 2nd hand as new” Smith, etc…) and the government.

Hell I got the entire CoH series for about $60, though I admit I didn’t put 600hrs into it. I did put that much into many other games though which I also admit I didn’t pay the Australia Tax for. Hell only game I spent full price on was GT5 Signature Edition, of which I was horrendously disappointed. Pity really.

Other than that it’s all at a discount of around 50-60% on the Aussie price gougers. I don’t think I’ve paid more than $40 for a game in the last 10 years besides GT5…


nosferatu’s arguments are a bit dated now. Might have worked 10 years ago, but since the advent of digital publishing the cost of business in Australia argument lost all meaning. Especially so with the high Aussie dollar now.
Cost per person to publish digitally in Australia is pretty much identical to the rest of the world. The reason they actually cost more is as Microsoft said, we’re willing to pay more.


You guys are all suckers… I paid $4.99 for the entire collection during a sale.


I got it for 39.99 on GMG a couple months ago & just got a closed beta key e-mailed to me this morning, good times :)

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