Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC drops May 16


By on April 27, 2013 at 1:15 pm

It’s really hard to feel calm and collected with regards to the Great Platform Wars when exclusives rear their heads, but the wait is almost over. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2′s Uprising DLC pack finally hits PC on May 16 – probably more likely to be May 17 for those of us living here in the future (Australia and New Zealand).

Uprising adds a whole new game mode, the zombie-heavy Mob of the Dead, and four new maps – Magma, Encore, Vertigo, and Studio. We don’t have local pricing yet, internationally they’ll be paying USD$14.99. It’s been out on Xbox 360 since mid-April.

If you don’t have a season pass and are wavering, check out this trailer for the Alkatraz map in mob of the Dead – or of that sort of thing aways you, a live-action advertisement showing “Replacers” covering your shift while you put time into the new content.

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I don’t understand something. Season pass for this is $70, but 4 packs of the DLC is only $15 each. What am i missing?


I don’t think Alice understands the attitude towards Call of Duty around these parts.


lol, it’s just that everyone’s bored of it since the game was wrecked by MW2/3′s p2p crap. When it was server based it was still pretty fun to play, albeit nothing like reality. Still more like Quake 3 with realistic skins.

Now we wait and see what Ghosts is going to do. Will it go completely stupid and p2p again, or will Actilizzard use their brains…


I didnt bother with a lot of the COD games after COD World at World .
After the 2nd it has gone far away from the original aspect of the series to be toned down for the casual gamers.

But for what it has become . I managed to pickup COD BO2 PC for 36 bucks at Amazon for 36 bucks in Feb 2013 and its been fun.

Even thou they claim on the forums that they dont support dedicated server software and a few other things because of cheating/hackers. You can still see hackers/cheaters on servers.

Apparently its server system is dedicated but its hard to believe when it uses match making and has lag at times. Often I see if you increase the search ping up to 140-150 you get matched with people from India . WTF.

COD Series looks like it could really benefit from proper stand alone dedicated server software, updated anti cheat and unranked Lan mode support with a proper server browser to find games .

I find it easy as a shooter, a lot easier to BF3 or other games (Guess that’s the target market its aimed out now). I find the DLC’s are overpriced and dont offer good value (as are 98% of dlc packs). The only thing I would like from a DLC is the peacekeeper gun but refuse to spend 15 bucks just to get it.

I really dont understand why companies like EA/Activision and Ubisoft keep on using Peer2peer networking when its proven time and time again that it fails to work


charliebrownau: I really dont understand why companies like EA/Activision and Ubisoft keep on using Peer2peer networking when its proven time and time again that it fails to work

Mostly because the console crowd is their target audience, which either doesn’t know any better, or is too impatient to deal with a server list and just wants to jump in and play with as few button presses as possible. I can’t blame them for that, but its hard to argue dedicated servers to a hardcore console fan when they likely don’t even know what one is.


TBH there’s no reason both systems can’t be implemented together working perfectly well with servers up to 50/64 players and maps of relevant sizing.

No need to have the console system implemented on PC just because they want a unified system. It’s slack programming and design coupled with greater control over the game which they don’t police at all for hackers/cheaters.

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