BioShock Infinite PC Gaming Giveaway: Win a new graphics card and exclusive editions of the game

By on April 22, 2013 at 9:52 am

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks to everybody who entered! The results are online here. and 2K have teamed up to give away two incredibly mad prizes, right here on this very website. That’s right — to celebrate the launch of BioShock Infinite, we’re giving away two awesome prize packs to get you up and running with all things BioShock in the proper PC gaming fashion. Check this out:

First Prize

Our first prize winner walks away with:

  • BioShock Infinite PC Ultimate Songbird Edition (Completely sold out in Australia, no longer available to the public)
    • The Ultimate Songbird Edition includes: a PC copy of the game, a Songbird Statue, art book, Handyman figurine, lithographic print, a ‘Murder of Crows’ keychain, downloadable content – including the soundtrack – and three pieces of in-game gear
  • Replica Skyhook (Do not insert it into the faces of your enemies)
  • BioShock Infinite action figure
  • 2 x BioShock Infinite T-shirts

But that’s not all!

Second Prize

Our second prize winner will receive:

  • BioShock Infinite PC Premium Edition (Completely sold out in Australia, no longer available to the public)
    • The Premium Edition includes: a PC copy of the game, art book, Handyman figurine, lithographic print, a ‘Murder of Crows’ keychain, and downloadable content, including the soundtrack and three pieces of in-game gear
  • BioShock Infinite action figure
  • 2 x BioShock Infinite T-shirts


Dang indeed. You can win these delightful prizes for yourself, simply by leaving a comment on this article that answers (in 200 words or less) the following question: “What new Vigor would you add in to BioShock Infinite, and how does it work?”

(For those of you who are confused, a ‘Vigor’ is identical to the ‘Plasmids’ from the first BioShock — or if that still doesn’t help, think of them as magic powers you cast out of your hand through science somehow.)

Remember! 200 words or less. It doesn’t have to be serious, or even fit in with the theme of the game, but we’ll be trying to imagine how it would work in game and judging accordingly. Feel free to describe how it works, if there’s a separate effect when you hold-and-release rather than just click, that sort of thing. It’s up to you.

The best entries, as judged by us, will win the prizes.

What else should I know?

This competition is open from now until 11:59 PM on Monday 6 May, and is open to Australian residents only. It is governed by the Terms and Conditions listed on this page.

Get cracking! If you’d like to see our video review of BioShock Infinite, click here — or for a bunch of hi-res screenshots showing why playing the game on PC is the only way to play, click here instead.

240 comments (Leave your own)

Id have a vigor where you could control tempretures of Water, say for example, the normal mode is cold, slowing and then eventually freezing enemies, while the alternative mode is Hot Water, which works as a sort of DOT (Damage over time) move. It could also be used in puzzles, Such as Using the hot water to get past Ice that has fallen in your path, or freezing a bridge over a lake or river.


My Vigor would be time control, you could slow down and speed up time, like bullet time in the Max Payne games! and even having the opportunity to rewind time, kind of like Prince of Persia sands before time :)


Trans Dimensional Vigor

Click: Aim at an enemy NPC to transport him/her/it into another dimension for a short moment, upon return the NPC is stunned due to confusion.

Hold and release: Create a Trans Dimensional trap on the ground and when activated transports all enemies in the radius to another dimension infested by mosquitoes, upon return the group of enemies are unable to shoot due to the severe itching.


Illusion Vigor

Click: Create a single “ghost” image of yourself, or even of something else a Monster perhaps – used to distract enemies or to instill fear.

Hold and release: The longer you hold the more “mana or energy” consumed and the number of illusions increases and there is a greater effect of fear / confusion / distraction instilled into enemies.


I will first go ahead and disqualify myself by stating that I am unfortunately not an Australian resident, though I’d like to share my idea.

Thematically, there’s a lot of room for powers, as most of the powers are very similar to each other, with some sort of attack, disabling component, and trap. The ones that are notably different are “Undertow” and “Return to Sender”.

My proposed Vigor would be called “Eye for an Eye” and it would work as such:

One would target an opponent, and upon activation, one would switch locations with this opponent. Simply put, a teleport swap.

This would allow for all sorts of shenanigans, imagine jumping into oblivion, and then BAMPH! You’re standing on solid ground aside from a number of confused Vox Populi while your target tumbles into oblivion below.

You may be concerned about it’s abuse for exploration, but then again, is there any time where enemies are in a location you cannot possibly reach? There’s a lot of ability to travel in the game as it is with the skyhook, so I doubt there are such abuses available.

Additionally, having it as a trap would be great. Imagine Dropping a trap, facing away, shot gun at the ready, as a swarm of Boys of Silence minions charge forward, and then they hit the trap. Suddenly they’re descending upon a confused constituent and you’re raising your shot gun to blow a few holes in the backs of their heads.


every wizard needs his chicken spell, and what could be more fun that running around in bioshock turning enemies into chickens? and then you could pick them up as a weapon, using their peck in melee or eggs for range!


Wow, another awesome card comp! I’m going to abstain from this one. It saddens me that my card hasn’t arrived yet (fingers crossed for today).

Good luck everyone!


I would add the vigor “Tempest.” This vigor would give you the ability to conjure up strong wind and rain storms, to blind you enemies and push them off the edge of the world.


The Beleiber Vigor

Enemies a pain in the butt? Hurl this scent on a target that attracts the attention of rabid lunatic fans who molest their prey to death. Hold and release your attack to create a random spawn point for said fans to spawn and randomly attack anything within a radius.

An extra benefit is the hallucination which kicks into the user of this, which puts a big pixelly blur over the victims and plays nice soothing music to block out the screams. No not the screams of panic from the victim, the squeals of delight from the spawned Beleibers. Much worse, take my word for it.


*disregard comment* – edit


My vigor would allow the caster to temporarily take control of matter, allowing him to shape-shift into any imaginable object or being. In doing so, you have the ultimate choice whether to become stronger, or weaker depending on the way you want to play the game. Will this make the caster over-powered, no. To fix this, I have decided that what ever the caster decides to transform into, any enemy that sees the vigor being used will also have the same power, striving for a more tactical, well thought out approach rather than the typical ‘run and gun’ approach. I believe this would have the most effective implementation into the game if it were to incorporate a mind-reader to be developed by the very smart 2K Games, in which would eliminate the hastle of somehow telling the game exactly what it is you are to be shape-shifting to.

That’s the best I could come up with whilst at school, wish everyone the best of luck!


I’d say the power of bees, big black angry bees. With fangs of course.


We’ve all seen the Murder of Crows vigour, but what about…the Cuteness of Puppies? Stop an enemy in his tracks when you launch a litter of puppies in his direction. Even the most hardened Vox Populi rebel will find it irresistible to pick up and cuddle a bounding little fluffball, giving you the chance to finish him off with a sky hook to the face. Alternatively you can create a ‘Puppy Shield’ where the enemy refuses to shoot at you. It drains salts quickly however, so make the most of it to escape and catch your breath.


I would add a force vigor.

It would be the force (Star Wars).
You select the vigor as usual but then there would be another key that switches between different force powers such as force push, pull and choke.
Use force push to knock back enemies onto the ground and leave them open to attack.
Use force pull to bring enemies closer to you to finish them off with a melee.
Force choke would be a hold mouse button power and leave you open to attack for about five seconds.


I would add the vigor “Fog of Justice”

The vigor would allow you shift into a fog/mist form, giving you the ability to pass through cracks and grating at certain points. Surround enemies and stop them from moving. Negate damage from melee and projectiles but increase damage from flame and electricity and would also allow for faster movement.

Upgrading to this would allow the mist to be clearer allowing for more stealth to move about, faster movement and increased stopping power for enemies.


The Hadro-bomb Vigor.

Used to remove large groups of enemies.

A ring shaped magnetic field is created which accelerates all living matter up to an incredible speed which in turn stretches the particles so much so that they become individual particles.
The longer the vigour is activated the more enemies can be pulled in but only up until a critical amount of organic matter has been ‘sucked’ in and then it explodes killing all that were in it and all enemies in the vicinity.
If ‘critical mass’ is not able to be reached, only the ‘trapped’ enemies will be killed, simply falling to the ground in a pulpy, bloody mess.

Best used form a far off vantage point as once used religious fanatics will flock to the location to protest ;)


My vigor would be the Magnetising Field.

Primary use would create strong magnetic fields from the hand, allowing one to pull or push away metallic objects. Useful for when you really want that gun your enemy is shooting you with.

Seondary mode would create a magnetic bomb trap, once trigger it would create a dense magnetic field that would pull in all metal with great force from the surrounding area. Useful for disarming large groups and crushing metallic based robot foes!


Well this is obvious. Due to the lack of boobs in the game the only appropriate vigor would be a clothing removal vigor. Upgradable to remove pants. This would be useful for situations in which… uh… boobs.


Gravity shift vigor.

This vigor would be one that allows the player to swap the direction of gravity. This would mean that when standing next to a building or wall you could flip the direction of play. To not make it to over powered 70% of normal enemies will grab onto something and not die. Special enemies will never be able to be killes by this, but it will enable the battle to be changed into the players favor. Upgrading this ability would increase the chance of killing weaker units, it would also increase the area around the player that is affected.


The ‘Gotcha Gun’ Vigor.

The game already has gear which makes weapons into ‘ghostly allies’ for a short period. This Vigor would transform a weapon on the ground into a kind of gun golem, with timed life, which would aid the player.

The transformation would add little mechanical legs and a set of pixar – esque mechanical eyes to the weapon.

Different weapons would retain their original effects, adding an element of player choice.

Holding down and then releasing the vigor (trap mode) would place a trap that when activated would turn an enemy’s weapon while they are holding it, making them its first victim. There are many opportunities here for great animations, after the fashion of the skyhook executions.

Upgrades would include: Extended life (explained in game as extra ammunition), the extension of your purchased weapon upgrades to your new little friends, and the ability for he to use skyhooks!

Oh, and the player’s hand transforms into a kind of steampunk power glove, with valves and pistons and whatnot.

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