90% of game hacks infected with malware, claims AVG report


By on April 15, 2013 at 8:57 am

Anti-virus software group AVG have released a new report showing what most gamers already know (but what is always good to be reminded of) — an overwhelming number of game hacks either include or simply are malware in disguise.

“AVG’s researchers analysed scores of such hacks and cracks found through metasearch services such as FilesTube and FileCrop, and discovered that more than 90% of them contained some form of malware or malicious code,” writes AVG’s press release.

“Even if we assume that just 0.1% of the gamers playing the top five titles go looking for a hack – a highly conservative estimate – that means 330,000 people are potentially at risk of falling victim to game hack malware, which could lead to the loss of any legitimate, paid-for gaming assets, as well as sensitive personal data such as bank details and email or social media passwords.”

A timely reminder to stay away from game hacks — something we of course frown upon here at games.on.net anyway! — and to keep your own personal anti-virus solutions up to date.

Source: Press Release

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You reap what you sow.

I feel no sympathy for anyone using a hack and in turn having their information pinched.

Justice in my eyes, it may be harsh but I’m the type that believes in capital punishment.


No c’mon. Who needs game hack since Online DRM?

To the point, I have around 35 older games that i own on disc from Underground 2 to farcry 2 rainbow six etc.

Now i happily brought these games knowing that i would have to swap disc in and out all day. but now since Alcohol 120% there is no need to swap games in and out all day. I created a copy on my PC, Go the Gamecopyworld grab a trusted cd crack (antivirus call it safe) and i apply it to my game.

I dont mind not having multiplayer as i’m a single player fan anyway. Now when the time comes that i want to play my games online i just rename my .exe back to it’s original and play the game online.

This may seem like piracy, but if you own the game it’s not imo.

As for the article if you download ANY file from filecrap and what not that are named to be rubbish you will get a virus or a spyware. this has been know for years by the people that use them.

A small percentage of trusted ones are used. Skidrow, Reloaded, 1911,Blackbox etc… Now if any of the hacks.cracks i use are spyware so be it, but Avast, Windows defender(win 8) and Spybot dont seem to fuss over them. So i think i’m pretty happy.



what does believing in capital punishment have to do with video gaming? i dont see the connection. is it troll bait?


AVG is the worst AV there is period..


If you use hacks you get what you deserve.
Nothing is more annoying than some sore looser who feels the need to ruin the experience for everyone else because they’re too lazy to learn how to play better.



Likely just throwing terminology around for the sake of it. Either that or he believes people who type in all-capitals should be punished. I agree, IT’S REALLY ANNOYING AS HELL!


This is because anti-virus/malware/etc type failware like AVG, picks up false-positives for keygens and game cracks.

This has been known about for as long as programs like AVG have existed.


I believe they may be talking about game ‘hacks’ and not game ‘cracks’. Hacks are the ones that help you cheat, cracks let you get around whatever DRM is on a game. In this case, they are probably correct though cracks often contain malware too.
Yay terminology.


Don’t believe in security software at all! Sorry don’t agree with this story either. Never used security software and never had an Issues.

This is because anti-virus/malware/etc type failware like AVG, picks up false-positives for keygens and game cracks.

This has been known about for as long as programs like AVG have existed.

And well this is the other reason why. I don’t download hacks and cracks for games. I just have everything installed via steam/origin/etc.

If you wanted to get down to the nitty gritty then Steam/Origin and other applications are malware your just letting them take you info and data mine you as they see fit. Imo.


If they are talking about software cheating programs “”hacks”
and not no disc cracks then I would not be surprised and you desived to get infected with spyware/malware/virus’s/trojans.

If you have to resort to using that cheating software/tools then your cheating yourself to improve your own skill as a gamer and it shows that you can only win by cheating

I have never heard of FilesTube and FileCrop before . Then again I dont have to use cheats. I have leveled up two Level 80 engineers in PC GRFS1 . Now Im leveling a scout to 80, up to level 39



Yeah had a friend like you. I remember a conversation I had with him, went something like:

“I’ve got x, y and z problems with my system, I don’t know why.”

“Sounds virus related, what virus protection do you have?”

“None, I don’t believe in virus protection.”


One scan with Malwarebytes and several thousand infections later…


AVG is the worst AV there is period..

Norton anti virus ?

On topic I use the occasional cheating program and have never had issue for example character editors/various memory hacks, tho having said that I home brew most of mine and the stuff i do download is all for single-player games anyway, Never understood online hackers kinda takes the fun out imo.


spooler: Norton anti virus ?

O_o been using Norton Internet Security for around 3-4 years now, hasn’t missed a beat. AVG on the other hand…start of the year I had a customer with a paid version who was having major conflicts between it and World of Warcraft. Oh and don’t get me started on Trend Micro. *yuck!*


vcatkiller: O_o been using Norton Internet Security for around 3-4 years now, hasn’t missed a beat.AVG on the other hand…start of the year I had a customer with a paid version who was having major conflicts between it and World of Warcraft.Oh and don’t get me started on Trend Micro.*yuck!*

Trend Micro is pretty horrid but norton, everytime i fix a pc first thing I do is take norton off and put avast on, hell sometimes it’s the ONLY thing I have to do, I had a friend who’s system had been infected while norton was on remove norton install avast, virus gone system returned to not being slow as hell.



Yay, you are rite. I meant cracks not hacks.


I used Norton once, it legit broke my system. I don’t remember exactly what it did but it ended with me having to reformat. Granted this was a very long time ago but the damage had been done. I’ll never use Norton again.


I recall a case where a “hacker” told me that he turned off his Anti virus to stop the constant virus alerts then turned out that his PC went nuclear and required a complete wipe to remove the viruses.

EDIT: The closest thing ive used to a hack is probably a noCD crack or a trainer to avoid redoing lots of tedious levels in a game I have already finished several times. Trainers can often have questionable methods to achieve its purpose.



Sorry, let me clarify.. There was no trolling at all or any intention of it.

I mentioned capital punishment as a way to express what my beliefs are in terms of “if you break the law you pay the full price not a half price”. (I tend to have issues putting thoughts into words :P)

Ultimately in the case of people using hacks in games I believe a ban for people cheating isn’t good enough and they should receive a more severe punishment.

So again, I feel no sympathy for people cheating and end up being a victim of malware because of it.

In my view if a permanent banning system was created that could not bypassed by buying a new copy of a game, changing anything or even creating a new account then given time people would just stop looking for hacks and therefore less of a malware problem.

Yes it’s a flawed thought but still worth looking into.


im a little confused about this article… is it referring to no-cd cracks that nearly everyone used at one point, or game hacks… like no walls-aimbotting type shit? do need clarification.


AVG detects 90% of everything as a virus. This is why it’s an utterly useless piece of software. Also ‘public’ hacks which are the ones found on Filestube etc are obviously the ones that are going to have viruses. It’s the paid for hacks that are harder to detect and have a wider variety of features.

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