2K finally unveils retooled XCOM shooter

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By on April 26, 2013 at 5:09 pm

The endlessly delayed XCOM shooter, not to be confused with the recent turn based revival, has undergone something of an overhaul.

Re-announced this afternoon as The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, it will no longer be a first person game, but rather a squad based third person shooter. As reported by Destructoid, the revamped title will retain its Wonder Years setting and serve as an origin story for the series. The announcement was accompanied by a live action trailer offering a brief glimpse at what appears to be extraterrestrial tech.

Players will take on the role of William Carter, a government agent drawn into an conspiracy involving political tensions between the world’s great powers, as well as the small matter of alien visitations.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is set to arrive on PC in August.

Source: Destructoid

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I’m finding it impossible to get excited for this one.


“From the makers of Bioshock 2″

Yeah no, not hopeful. At all.


Worth keeping an eye on, hope it’s got a little bit more than a few hours worth of story line though…


I thought the reason for the rename was to disassociate it with the Xcom branding.. All I see here is that they’ve gone “Its still an Xcom game” as opposed to a reboot.

This is still fucking stupid! Isolate them, keep the Bereau its own franchise, it could be interesting if its not directly associated with Xcom. If you relate it to Xcom you’re gonna have a bad time. (especially due to Fan backlash- they don’t like Shooters.. there have been Xcom shooters before.. they killed the franchise.. SO DON’T FUCKING DO IT!).


Obviously 2K are trying to use some of the good faith the reboot won to help peddle their inferior spinoff that just won’t die.

I also find it comical they use “from the makers of Bioshock 2″ like it’s actually a positive selling point.


So let me get this right, same game but without XCOM in the name would make it better?

I do agree that “from the makers of Bioshock 2″ isn’t the strongest selling point.

Personally I think it looks interesting.


I don’t care at all about a live action trailer, give me gameplay footage or go home. I honestly don’t see why they’d need to have Xcom in the name at all, it’s only going to attract impossible to please fans of the original who think any deviation from a turn-based formula is sacrilege.


So let me get this right, same game but without XCOM in the name would make it better?

The issue many long-time XCOM fans have is the makers are repeating the same mistake Microprose did in their swan song years; taking the XCOM name and hurling it at a bunch of poorly made games that couldn’t stand on their own merits and nearly destroyed the franchise’s value as a result.

This game has all the same signs. About the only thing the series seems to have in common with the XCOM series is it has aliens in it. It does not look like a strong title and it is pretty obvious 2K are going to try and ride the success of the recent XCOM game to try and prop up a game idea that has been remarkably unpopular so far.

The fact after all this time the game has been in supposed development and 2K still do not feel confident showing any recent footage of the gameplay itself also supports this argument. I would really like to be wrong about this but history with the XCOM series and video game development in general has shown those are some really hash odds to go up against.


I’m actually looking forward to this… the screen shots from the website actually look cool to me.
Also Bioshock 2 was also a good game and does not deserve the negative comments.


Me too. I think this could be a pretty damn cool game. Personally the name change to The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is a good step toward making it known it’s not part of the main XCom franchise, rather a spin-off or alternate history or somesuch thing. Most folk would probably just call it The Bureau anyhow so any ties to the main franchise will likely be lost anyhow, so there’s not much point complaining about it.

That said, by the makers of Bioshock 2 eh? Well I didn’t have that much of an issue with B2 so that doesn’t bother me that much either.


“From the makers of Bioshock 2″

Yeah no, not hopeful. At all.

yeah because that game wasn’t a success *sarcasm*…what the hell are you talking about?! lol


Honest question – why the hate for Bioshock 2? I got it on sale 12 months ago and never touched it because of what I’d heard about it. Finished it last week and really thought it was pretty good. Not 10/10 but still good fun.


Actually really feeling this trailer. No attachment to the original so very keen to see what comes from it.


The aliens from this game (and all trailers for this game) look completely different from ANY X-COM alien.
How can they squeeze this in?
Just drop the X-COM label and we’re all good to go.

Nice new IP, nice new interesting aliens, no X-COM conflict.


When they arrive I’ll be looking at a few YouTube game reviews before I even think about touching this game.

I always hoped for a FPS version of XCOM that I could play co-op with a friend. With all the cool features of the original XCOM adapted for FPS.

Unfortunately I get the impression this is just going to be a re-badge linear story type game experience which I have ZERO interest in.


Hmm… bit sick of rambo FPS tbh. Hopefully the squad-based part is fun.

How is linear bad? The XCOM reboot had a heavy dose of linearity added by having a lot of the missions be the same every bloody playthrough when it was unwarranted.



Bioshock 2 had an inferior story to the first game, sure (not that the first game was as spectacular as people made it out to be), but the gameplay was SO much more enjoyable.

I look for good gameplay in an X-COM title, story is very much secondary. Looking forward to this.


Hmm… bit sick of rambo FPS tbh. Hopefully the squad-based part is fun.

How is linear bad? The XCOM reboot had a heavy dose of linearity added by having a lot of the missions be the same every bloody playthrough when it was unwarranted.

I agree, linearity can be a good thing in some games



Actually with nit001 a little here. I don’t expect a huge sandbox experience, but it would kind of suck if each individual level had only one way of doing things, ie start at point A and march all the way to point B with no deviation, before heading a straight line to point C and then onward to point D. If you’ve got a level with multiple objectives let’s have multiple ways of achieving each objective. Perhaps some based on selected squad and loadout, as well as maybe even some objectives that can be done in non-sequential order? Maybe even objectives that are optional too, that might make you think a bit. Marching down a linear corridor Rambo style is not tactical, it’s not interesting, it’s just flat out boring.


Why I have ZERO interest in a linear story type game experience:

I think there is a high level of expectations 2K take on board when they use XCOM in their game name.

Don’t get me wrong, I have played all the Bioshock games and enjoyed them. But if 2K think they are going to take the XCOM name and turn it into a linear story type game like Bioshock they are not getting any of my money.

I hope they do surprise me with a awesome XCOM shooter with all the extra game play mechanics and so forth that made the original XCOM such a great game, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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