World vs. World culling soon to be a thing of the past in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

By on March 14, 2013 at 12:43 pm

ArenaNet have very happily announced that culling, the behind-the-scenes process which keeps your game lag-free and the servers happy by reducing the amount of people who are visible in your WvW games, is soon to disappear. In an upcoming patch on March 26, culling will be removed entirely from the game.

“While (culling) achieved our goal of limiting bandwidth and client-side resource utilization, it had the unfortunate side effect of causing large battles in WvW to be confusing, as there were sometimes many enemy players that were completely invisible,” ArenaNet admit in their latest blog post. “Additionally, there were side effects of culling which could result in stealth characters getting up to two seconds of additional invisibility when coming out of stealth.”

“By removing culling, we’ve been able to eliminate these negative side effects and greatly increase the epic feel of large WvW battles.”

A new series of graphical options will be added for WvW, that will allow players to manage the huge amount of new players expected to appear on their screens. You can choose from high-resolution regular models, lower-resolution placeholders or nameplates only, as well as set up filters to mix the three.

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About time, GW2 was ruined by the invisible enemies so if its truly fixed i think I’ll start playing it again.


Hopefully this is also being applied to the PvE side of the game as well. During the halloween event it was shocking to see the Mad King get culled from view from 5 feet away as 200 players swarm around next to you.

NPCs like that and also party/guild members should always have a priority no matter what settings you use. Likewise I hope you can choose to show party/guild members/commanders the way they actually look while using generic models on the rest of the players.


this might be enough to get me back into the game

i would love to see some map enhancements to WvW

i think the starting zones for each server should be unique
ie, Jade Quarry would be a quarry where jade is mined ect ect
each server has such exotic names it would be amazing to fight in new places all the time

this would give the home defenders a slight advantage as they know their own land better but more importantly it would change the face of the WvW battlefield alot every time the servers cycled

and as the middle of the map never changes it would be easy to plug on borderland addons

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