Video Interview: BioShock Infinite’s Bill Gardner on PC graphics and support

BioShock: Infinite

By on March 4, 2013 at 2:56 pm

At a recent BioShock Infinite showing, had the chance to sit down with Irrational’s Bill Gardner, User Experience Specialist on the upcoming game. We spoke to him about all things PC, including Irrational’s dedicated PC support team, how DX11 is improving their experience, and the difficulties in making characters like Elizabeth interact well with the player. Take a look below, or download the video in HD from our file library.

A YouTube mirror is also available.

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The footage from that interview has certainly piques my interest a bit. Still yet to see how open the areas are with the jumping on tram lines etc.


Hooray for borderless windowed mode! It should be a compulsory feature in every game.

I’m so ridiculously excited for Infinite. Bioshock 1 and 2 are easily in my top 5 favourite games, here’s hoping Infinite will join them.

Bennett Ring

Hey folks

Hope you enjoyed the video, and I’m always open to feedback on the edit/video quality/etc. Have to say I’m rather confident Infinite will be a solid PC port after chatting with the developer.



Looking fantastic! :D

I’m hoping with the news that AMD is working with them that the game supports TressFX effects for characters.


I had a smile on my face when i heard him talking about FOV slider and native mouse settings, etc. Because they are the exact problems with Bioshock 1, and they are being fixed. :D


Can’t wait! i better finish bioshock 2, im right at the end, just got distracted and didn’t finish it :(


Looks awesome, also nice video, discussed a few issues that come up in pc versions, and he didn’t shy away from answering them.



Nice interview Bennett, PC version is looking really good!


I dont know why but this game just doesnt look exciting?

It might be im a bit of a specular lighting whore and loved bioshock 1 with its water efffects and dark areas that shon a massive impression on me

This one, like looks washed out? like take UP the movie for example, the hovering house is so amazing, but in these gameplay vids its like.. i dono so boring


I don’t get the big deal about the FoV slider. Doesn’t everyone just max it anyway? If the default FoV was good in the first place (unlike the constant stream of games with too narrow a FoV) there shouldn’t be an issue.


People like choice. I don’t always max out FoV in all games, it depends on how it looks in each one.

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