Total War: Rome II trailer gives a look at new ambush mechanics


By on March 2, 2013 at 11:09 am

Hundreds of half-naked dudes smacking each other with swords. Fire. Rearing horses. Attack dogs. It appear that Total War: Rome II may be the perfect game. This new in-engine trailer shows off a playable historical scenario – the 9AD battle in Teutoburg Forest between Germanic tribesman Arminius and Roman general Varus.The Creative Aseembly suggests you keep an eye out for the true line-of-sight system, deployable battlefield technology and new style of ambush scenarios.

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I like what Rome 2 is doing in regards to the new diplomatic options and the new gameplay elements that are very important and relevant to the roman time period. Especially the way that diplomacy works for “barbarian” factions.


one day we’ll see gameplay videos


So wait, what has this video got to do with anything? I know no more about this game than I did before watching it. God I’m so sick of CA’s “trailers”.


Always with the pre-renders… beware I say, beware!


I think calling it a trailer is a bit misleading.. cinematic is a better description.


CA’s promo material has always been somewhat misleading, at least by this stage I know to take whatever they show with a grain of salt. Still 100% going to buy their game though…


Wow these reactions were unexpected from you lot. Glad to see their Mind Tricks don’t work on you guys.. unlike the sheeple over at TWCenter (who might as well be rent-a-crowds).

But yeah they’ve clearly mixed CGI with Gameplay here, and its grossly misleading.. This practice should be considered unethical and mass condemned but its not, instead the fanboy circle jerking continues.

I still haven’t gotten over what they did with Empire. At least Shogun 2 got features from the FOTS expansion retrofitted so I can’t complain there (except for the poor bastards that specifically bought FOTS for those features).


This trailer was only meant to hype us up – not to show us the gameplay. They probably need to add more polish before they make any actual gameplay trailers. The Carthage Siege was only Alpha footage so I reckon that they want to show only final beta or even final build gameplay trailers. If they show real gameplay trailers now, the content might be subject to change and disappoint us when the game is finally released.



FYI CA has never shown “Gameplay Trailers” they’ve always been made using the Cinematic Editor mode.

This Rome 2 trailer reminds me alot of the misleading as fuck trailer they released for Rome 1

This trailer is not gameplay its the cinematic mode (also note no singleplayer battles come close to the number of units they’re using).

CA have never been an honest developer.


Wow. You’d think that no other studio uses cinematics for promotional material, the way some of you are reacting. It’s hardly a new practice. It’s also pretty obvious this is cinematics – what with all the closeups of characters faces, carefully chosen angles etc. Not only does it not look like anything other than a cinematic, they never claimed it was gameplay footage in the first place.

As has been stated, the game is still in alpha. I imagine there’s still a ton of animation and coding to be done that means the combat is not ready to be seen at this point.

BTW – if you’re silly enough to buy a game based purely on a trailer, you kind of deserve what you get. ;)



The carthage trailer specifically stated “gameplay” when it wasn’t. (they eventually showed the gameplay, which wasn’t anywhere near as close as to what the initial trailer showed.. majority of it seemed to be scripted events in on the map).

On the subject of using Cinematic trailers the practice is discouraged to most developers… Blizzard only get a free pass because they’re Blizzard, but I never understood why.



The carthage trailer specifically stated “gameplay” when it wasn’t. (they eventually showed the gameplay, which wasn’t anywhere near as close as to what the initial trailer showed.. majority of it seemed to be scripted events in on the map).

Hmm. This might come down to semantics I guess. I’ve seen plenty of examples over the years of “actual gameplay” = “in game footage” In the case of “scripted events” – this definition would still be accurate. Try looking up the meaning of “gameplay” – it is not at all clear what the term actually means.

I certainly wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re deliberately misleading any one. Is it misleading when a car manufacturer makes an ad using a CG version of their car because they don’t actually have a real one to film yet? So long as the finished product closely resembles their promotional material, there’s no issue. If your game and the promo material are as far apart as…Say Colonial Marines – then you’ve got every right to call foul. :)

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