Team Fortress 2 is only “70% free to play”, says Crytek’s CEO

Outraged Spy from Team Fortress 2 TF2

By on March 7, 2013 at 4:52 pm

Crytek are moving heavily into the free-to-play market, and, naturally, one of their biggest competitors in that space is Team Fortress 2, which itself recently made the switch to F2P. Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli has revealed that he has concerns about the game requiring the purchase of items to compete.

“I kind of think it’s a 70% free to play title,” he said to PCGamesN. “It’s on the way to be there, it’s a good model and it works for them, but there is still pay to win there and I don’t like that.”

“There’s some great experiment there, with user-generated content, but you buy items. You have to buy items.”

Yerli also explained how he believes a free-to-play game should be entirely free, not have any spaces locked off. “A free to play game doesn’t allow you to sell items,” he said. “This is the issue I have with that. We would allow communities to create items for virtual currency, but you can’t really go with commercial items because that’s pay to win. So that’s why I’m saying I’m disapproving of the concept of Team Fortress 2, because that is effectively not quite free to play.”

“The only thing that’s free-to-play there is they I can just go into the game and play it. But there’s a piece of game I can’t access without spending money.”

Source: PCGamesN

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But the hats are just cosmetic and the weapons drop at the same rate for free to play players as premium players. There is no pay to win involved at all.


It may be 70% F2P but it’s still 100% awesome.


So the game is fully free to play.

But some of the hats are not.

So, the game, is 70% of the game.

And this, this makes sense? Or am I missing something..


it’s a classic case of someone in marketing, who has no idea what he’s talking about.


LOL, tf2 is free to play you can get the weapons easy and they drop alot, hats dont but they are not needed to COMPETE, and u dont have to PAY to win. i could own alot of people with the original weapons TBH… i still prefer most the original weapons. looks like a cheap shot at some marketing to me… tf2 is one of the best f2p games i have seen.


The vanilla weapons are better than any weapon you can buy, which you also have a chance to receive in a drop.

This guy is just trying to shittalk the competition to try and make their model seem better. In the way EA shit talked Steam in general by saying they don’t allow communication directly with customers.


Yup, been playing TF2 since the Orange box and it ain’t pay to win at all.
Not a single paid item helps you play better at the game.

Except for the Secret Saxton. Randomly chooses a player in the server and gives them a random gift.
Random gifts increase fun, which is how to play TF2 better.


So the game is fully free to play.

But some of the hats are not.

So, the game, is 70% of the game.

And this, this makes sense? Or am I missing something..

Part of the game is locked off in the form of cosmetics, is it not?

He’s saying everything should be earnable with money otherwise you’re lying when you say f2p; what’s there not to understand about it? He dislikes people lumping f2p with ‘free to play + paid cosmetics’.



Except that cosmetics are in the drop table and the crafting tables, heck I even found the High Five taunt last week.



I doubt that Crytek will even think about releasing a Free to Play game without some sort of transactions happening. As majority of this forum have mentioned, they’re just trying to stir the pot. I don’t think that they’ll be able to fund just off advertising in game.

In my opinion, a Free to Play game is one where a game doesn’t cost you anything up front or via a subscription where you are not put at a disadvantage if you do not purchase things in the game.

Ralph Wiggum

I think he’s putting forward two arguments: one is his belief that f2p means EVERYTHING is free and nothing can be bought or restricted through real world currency. I could be wrong but are there some items that can’t ever be received through the drop system. His second belief is that TF2 is pay to win, which I would mostly disagree with the same arguments already presented.


Wait, what? Free to play games aren’t allowed to have microtransactions now? How the hell are the supposed to pay their bills, let along make a profit? I’m not just talking about Valve here. There’s a huge number of MMOs and other games that use the free to play model. They all, without fail have bits you can buy. Most of them are attainable through actual gameplay (as are the purchasables in TF2), but they all have ways to get some money out of you. Free to play games have bits cut of out them intentionally to get you to pay money for them. That’s the whole idea. Can you play it without paying for it? Yes. Then its FREE to PLAY. It doesn’t matter if there’s a couple of bits you can choose to pay for. Its certainly not pay to win. Although some of the weapon unlocks are definitely an upgrade (<3 that Ubersaw), they're all still attainable without paying a cent.

World Of Tanks is a free to play game, yes? You can play it for free. There is no requirement to pay at any time. However, you can buy shells that do more damage, experience boosts, more credits to buy things, buy normally unattainable tanks and new paint schemes with real money. They do this so they can make money (duh). A game can never be completely free otherwise there's no way to pay for servers etc. Pretty sure this chap is a tad butthurt that Valve's free to play game is still making more money than Crysis and will continue to do so for some time.



Games that let you purchase higher damaging shells and better tanks put you at an advantage over other players who wish to ‘truly’ play for free which i guess is still technically FTP but not if you want to be on even terms.

Games like TF2 don’t put anyone at a disadvantage if you don’t wish to buy anything. ALL items are attainable without spending cash, whether it be hats and weapons (random drops), or seasonable items (just have to play during the seasonal event), and even the competition items (by entering the Saxton awards etc.).

I’ll put this to everyone. Is the Free to Play product the same product for those (on the basic level) who choose to pay for stuff versus those who don’t? Surely a truly free to play product you can attain the same level of playability or function as those who wish to pay for it.




WoT has locked out content that only paying members could get (unique tanks), and that’s what Cervat isn’t happy about.

Hell you can buy special ammo in WoT too.


TF2 pay to win? last time I checked stock weapons offer the best overall function and other weapons can be found as drops anyway for those parts of the game where a niche weapon is preferable.

Hardly pay to win.

This Crytek guy must of had some sour grapes.


TF2 is F2P done right


my 200 hours without spending a cent and being able to score quite well disagrees with his assessment.


It’s a war themed hat simulator. You need a hat to play properly or people will point at you and laugh at how poor you are.

Hats don’t drop very often so the only other way to get one is to buy it, thus he is technically correct.


I have played 100% of TF2 with $0.

Buh bow.


Yerli “the outspoken” has clearly never played team fortress for any period of time.

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