Sunday eSports: When the big players come to town, don’t make us all look bad


By on March 3, 2013 at 12:01 pm

My perception this week has been a little warped, courtesy of the insanely high level of pain-killing drugs I’ve been enjoying. One of the side effects is that you tend to relax — perhaps too much — and you have a slightly longer view on things. After all, it’s not like you’re in any hurry.

The same, I’m afraid, cannot be said for our lovely, local eSports industry.

Jobs can be hard to find, particularly in the creative sector. Jobs in gaming itself are even more difficult, and anything that even has an inkling towards eSports is like winning the lottery.

So I suppose the frenzied reaction when Riot Games announced earlier this week that they were looking for a community manager and a head of eSports (aka. events organiser) was to be expected.

It’s a small pie; having observed and played my small part in competitive gaming for as long as I have, it’s still amazing that there is a pie at all.

But that isn’t any excuse for the bickering and blatant hostility, where everyone took turns to one-up and sh*t-talk each other, that took place.

A couple of clarifications. I’m not going to name names, for one, since I know all of the individuals involved and I happen to like them very much. That doesn’t mean I have any qualms about calling them out publicly (they’ll know who they are), since they should know better.

If you’re going to lead a community, if you’re going to be the public face of an organisation, you shouldn’t be playing in the mud. Even if you’re the kind of unprofessional scum that likes to operate that way, you still don’t do it publicly.

The posts have since been deleted. I’ve even seen some suggestions that everyone is actually really supportive of each other, and it’s one of the hallmarks of the Australian community that everybody is so close.

Bull. The only advantage in being close that I saw this week was that it reduced the distance between a knife and the nearest spinal cord.

Imagine if you’re Riot, looking over potential applications, reading various CVs and scanning over everyone’s qualifications. Just for the heck of it — or maybe because social media is an important part of community management — you decided to search Facebook and you came across the ensuing melee.

Imagine how impressed you would be having seen public figures act like a group of pack rats. Would you want that representing your brand? Would you want someone prepared to abandon their personal integrity that quickly?

The pie is shrinking too. See the speed at which IPL 6 was cancelled, a month before the finals. Many players and fans have been left out in the lurch, with non-refundable tickets and shattered dreams.

It’s at times like these we need people to uphold their values, not throw them away. The people involved in this week’s charade are good, decent characters. So let’s set an example others can follow, instead of behaving like vultures.

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James Pinnell

The MOBA community has such an appalling reputation that this sort of garbage doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.


This sounds like it should have been a post on facebook. What were the behaviours and actions?


I’m also curious as to what exactly happened. This article in part feels like it was directed directly at those who did whatever it was they did rather than at GON readers.

But in general the lack of professionalism in eSports is why I don’t think much of it. Currently it’s just a bunch of kids who happen to be good at some games.


This article in part feels like it was directed directly at those who did whatever it was they did rather than at GON readers.

Pretty much this….


James Pinnell,

yeah i realize that Riot and league of Legends is pretty good at making huge messes out of small things, and also like to cover up the big ones as well, to be correct, Only League of Legends is a MOBA by definition, as Riot has called the game themselves, Dota and Dota 2 for example, are ARTS games, which is fair enough, cause i can’t think of a single thing in the Dota community which can hold a candle to Riot and league of Legends, let alone anything else


that’s the dumbest shit I’ve read
how can LoL be a MOBA and Dota and Dota 2 not
hon, dota, LoL, dota 2 are all moba’s which is also known as an ARTS



no no no, Riot does not refer to their game as a ARTS at all, they call it a MOBA, they are the group that first coined the name altogether, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, is a retarded definition, one that clearly suits Riot as we are fully aware, something as broad as that would include any online game that has more then 1 person involved in any kind of team vs team scenario, a broad term is hardly worth mentioning in this case at all, hence the difference.


Source? I was actually going to say that Riot weren’t the ones who first coined the term MOBA until you said otherwise. I still don’t believe they created the term and as far as i’ve seen everyone refers to these games as MOBA which imo is a perfectly fine name. Also this is the first time i’ve heard the term ARTS too, I prefer MOBA myself given these games have more in common with ARPG’s than RTS’s.



How is MOBA any more broad than ARTS?
Almost every game has an element of Action and Strategy… occurring in Real time.

MOBA was coined to mark the point that this genre of games split away from being mere mods of RTS games and established them as something different entirely.

It doesn’t have to be about Dota vs the new kids on the block, resisting every step of the way. You can still prefer Dota and accept the title of MOBA as a genre… just because Riot put the name forward does not make it dirty.

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