SimCity updates to 1.8, get your patch notes here


By on March 25, 2013 at 10:21 am

Players of SimCity are eagerly awaiting every patch as Maxis and EA continue to fix confusing AI and pathfinding issues, as well as fine-tune various aspects of their compelling but flawed creation.

Patch 1.8 has now been released, and includes changes to police station capacity bugs, road building bugs, and confusing text descriptions relating to missions.

Check out the full patch notes below:


  • Police station can no longer hold more prisoners than the capacity.
  • Added missing roof texture for certain commercial building.
  • Added completion moment cinematic for Great Works.
  • Visiting police cars have avatar of neighbor above them.
  • Arcology Population reflects the population of the Arcology, not the city.
  • Fixed a clog in the pipes where sewage would sometimes get backed up and act jittery.
  • Region Wall will pop up when a new chat message has been received.

Road Improvements

  • Improvements to cases when connecting a new road to an existing road that goes over uneven terrain.
  • Tuned some of the road snapping priorities to address some edge cases where it wasn’t behaving as desired
  • Fixed a case where a new road would sometimes cause an existing road to change its shape drastically.
  • Made Upgrade Roads mini-tutorial appear at appropriate time.
  • Fix to four lane bridge to improve divider line placement.

Text Improvements

  • Clarified alerts about residents not moving in because of high taxes to state if it is residents, commercial businesses, or Industry that won’t move in because of high taxes.
  • Improved text and icons on cities in region view.
  • Updated text for “Become a Suburban City” mission to improve clarity.
  • Updated requirements text for HazMat garage for clarity.

Source: EA Support

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I’m still waiting till they put Cheetah speed back in :(


Still waiting for them too do something about the Abandoned regions/cities that you cant even transfer money too once the city is in trouble and is stuck on the pause screen. Which was originally caused by the bugs still in this game..


Still needs to be made single player.


Still doesn’t seem to address my Abandoned cities problem. I’ve lost 5 cities so far and no amount of rolling back will get them back.

On top of that, Jesus H Christ let me turn off the mandatory tutorial EVERY SINGLE TIME I join a new region.


Mindsnare, I hate that too.

You can skip the tutorial by going back to main menu.

Works for me.


Reading those notes, it’s a wonder any QA was done on the project at all.

Yeah some may say haters gonna hate, but I don’t hate it. I’m just very disappointed I don’t get to play another Sim City game.


Reading those notes, it’s a wonder any QA was done on the project at all.

Yeah some may say haters gonna hate, but I don’t hate it. I’m just very disappointed I don’t get to play another Sim City game.

Shitty testing seems to be a big issue. Makes you wonder if they needed another 6 months of development time but were denied it…


I’m playing Simcity 4 Deluxe. Having the time of my life building large cities. I forgot how good the game was!

No forced DRM, no Forced, ugghh, “other people” near my glorious commercial Hub City ‘Jita’.

Glorious I tell you !


Much as I hate bugs as the next person, and have railed (at length) to various people about companies releasing buggy games…

“Majority” of the bugs in Simcity relate to multiplayer, something that is extremely difficult to test before release unless you have a large beta test. (which they should… but they didn’t, for various reasons). I remember being shocked when Blizzard devs basically said the entire Diablo3 game difficulty was benchmarked without the existence of the Auction House, because in internal testing, there was never enough volume of players and items to populate it.


Sorry but the simulation fails and many other issues that are run on a client’s system only are just too obvious. They shouldn’t have made it through QA. Thing is I don’t think EA have had a QA team for years, they just say it goes to them and bullshit returns.

It might be harsh on the QA team, but EA’s release dates are always too early for proper testing and then fixing during/after testing. They may do the testing, but they don’t get enough fixes in before release.


lol god, patch 1.8 already.

Good to see they’re onto fixing the mess of a launch they had atleast


Honestly I don’t think this game is salvagable, so much about it is a step down from previous entries. Hopefully they’ll take the tech that works and make a real SimCity game as the sequel.


I can’t play this…. its too crap!

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