Seven new Games Workshop games coming, including turn-based 40K and F2P Titans game


By on March 15, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Games Workshop have announced there are now a total of seven titles in development across various areas of their IP, including a new turn-based Warhammer 40,000 title from developers Slitherine. Meanwhile, a company called Zattika has scored a license to produce a free-to-play, turn-based game based on 40K’s Titans, the city-sized machines used only in planetary-scale warfare.

Meanwhile, Cyanide Studios are working on another Blood Bowl game, and a company called Nomad Games are producing a Talisman title. As we know, Space Hulk is also in development, and SEGA/Creative Assembly have the Warhammer Fantasy Battles license and they aren’t afraid to use it.

“Games Workshop has an enormous library of exciting IP. A new world of gaming is opening up and we are happy to talk with anyone with a sound business model and a good idea,” said Games Workshop in a statement to MCV. “The good idea is pretty important.”

“The days of monolithic Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 licenses on all platforms are behind us. In the future, games based on our properties will be platform and subject specific, which is great news as it means there are far more opportunities than before.”

If you’re reading this, Games Workshop, I’ve gone and made up a short-list for you. Just pick up the phone and give them a call.

Source: MCV UK

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“City-sized” machines, isn’t really correct.
They are hardly the size of cities.

The Emperor Titan (the largest titan), is 55.5 meters tall. So while it is pretty massive, its not the size of a city. >_>




“City-sized” machines, isn’t really correct.
They are hardly the size of cities.

The Emperor Titan (the largest titan), is 55.5 meters tall. So while it is pretty massive, its not the size of a city. >_>



Gimme a good Necromunda game with a full campaign game based on that outlined in the rules. Also a a Dawn of War MMORTS where you control an army and fight for planets/systems etc.



that’s bigger than Darwin :P


OMG GW woke up to the power and potential of virtual games, seeing as the models are losing out cost and playerbase wise ;)


definitely want to see Necormunda, and faithful reproductions of Space Fleet Gothic and Mighty Empires (maybe ME could be done in the Godus engine :D)



And Washington DC…


I just want Relic to keep making 40K games. Love all their 40K games including Space Marine.


Wish they would make another Chaos Gate, that game was boss.



You say that like 40k has any internal consistency at all, though.



You say that like 40k has any internal consistency at all, though.

Strong this ^

They’re REALLY inconsistent even inside single series/authors works.

I seem to recall the Eisenhorn books mentioning an emperor titan as being around that tall but then they also mention them dwarfing buildings on the main boulevard of a hive world.

There’s also plenty of spot lore from the Heresy that mentions MASSIVE titans assaulting 1km+ high walls on heretic home worlds.

Personally I prefer the more epic scale titan descriptions where they only get busted out for planetary sieges, part of the charm of the 40k universe is that everything is on such an epic scale, 50m tall sounds like crap compared to a warmachine with a crew of 300 living on board full time. I also prefer my gun decks on the fleet ships to be staffed by multiple generations of “humans” who live, work and die on the gun deck and know nothing outside that existence.

55m tall doesn’t cut it for me when you’re putting a billion pairs of boots on the surface during the opening days of an invasion.


ditto about Necromunda. I’d prefer that over Talisman.


SomethingSomethingSomething… Titans.

Ok, sold me. Well, not sold, its F.T.P… but… well you get where I’m going with this.


Still no word on what’s happening with Relic and Dawn of War. T_T

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