Saints Row 4 discussions suggest release ahead of GTA V


By on March 3, 2013 at 11:19 am

Gossip time. Gather round the water cooler, friends, colleagues and that guy who refills the vending machine; let’s dig up some juicy rumours about the next Saints Row game.

First, let’s hear from Chris Stockman. Stockman was one of the lead designers on the original Saint’s Row game before jumping ship for Human Head. He’s heard “around the campfire” that Saints Row 4 is headed to current generation consoles (and presumably PC) in late August.

Oooh! That would see it releasing just ahead of Grand Theft Auto V in September, which is bold but potentially clever, and the timing and platforms ties in with what we last heard from THQ about the anticipated sequel.

Speaking of THQ, after its collpase Saints Row and Volition were snaffled by Koch Media, parent company of the publisher Deep Silver. Let’s see what Deep Silver PR manager Aubrey Norris has been up to – what’s this? She’s teasing “something HUGE” at PAX East this year?

Well, well, well. Oh crap – boss is coming. Ahem! About that sales report…

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christ , i honestly couldn’t care lass about saint row 4.


christ, i honestly could care more about saints row 4

/me rolls his eyes

Fingers crossed this is more than just talk. Really enjoyed the first one, and they certainly got the engine cracking along well (aside from a few niggly things – like functional but suboptimal alt-tab on PC). I think the only thing I’d like to see done better, would be the co-op. It was cool and all, but there are ways it could be done much better.

Oh, and real multiplayer! Sweet Raptor Jesus, that would be *very* cool.


Saints Row has always been a favourite of mine, the best aspects of GTA with the added bonus of being absolutely insane and silly.

Just hope 4 has far better draw distance and is open to modding :P.


Loved SR3. Hopefully SR4 hasn’t been mauled too much by its new owners…


Never felt much love towards the franchise, and the latest was ok, but should be interesting to see what they’ve done.


SR3 surprised the hell out of me, absolute blast. Looking forward to see what they can come up with for this one.



yeah I kinda wish they’d focus more on making this a real co-op sandbox. Less story, more “pew pew”. That’s where I feel Saints 3 failed (whereas Saints 2.. who gives a crap about the story the gameplay is top notch). They kinda screwed up with 3 because they forgot why people love Saints over GTA- in that they tried to give Saints a story that we “Should care about”… I didn’t care.. I appreciated the non-linearity sure, but it was superficial- your choices didn’t matter really.


I heard my fave character died. I was pretty mad at the writers stupidity with that. :@

SR3 is still waiting for me to finish SR2 so I can confirm.



yep that… that really pissed me off lol.


SR4 was mostly complete about 6 months after SR3 came out, when THQ’s financial troubles forced them to focus on other projects. Personally I think it was a bad choice, they would likely have gotten a large return for it, but now that they have money again they should be able to put the finishing touches on it.
Hope it is good.


I really enjoyed the story to SR3.

Oh, and you liked a character, therefore they’re not allowed to die? *cough* LAWL!


I was never really impressed with SR until I actually played it (lul), someone gifted me SR3 and it’s one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played.


Nope not interested sr2, sr3 were both crap and i don’t see sr4 being any better.


Why is The Colwill breaking up all of our awesome gossips sessions like a big, big baddie for :(…



What’s with your comments lately? They have such an immensely rude and sarcastic tone.

Yeah, my fave character apparently died. A character which imo WAS Saints Row. A character so good they CARRIED half the game with their charisma. Yes I think it was an outright moronic idea to kill them off not the least of which because of the insultingly weak way they had them die, you have a problem with that?


sr3 was really good, never got into the first 2, but 3 was awesome and whole game co-op was a blast… will buy both gta and saints4 without a doubt


I hope SR4 is alot more like SR2 more than SR3. Saints row 3 seems a little to dlc heavy compared to number 2 with much less character customization.


SR3 – ability to play with a zombie voice for the entire story was completely awesome. The rest of the game was pretty sweet too – tho additional player slots for co-op would’ve been nice :/



You’re not exactly the pinnacle of correctness either Sir.

I really do hope they bring said deceased character back somehow. He truly was an amazing character,



Except i’ve always been blunt about my opinions and try not to be rude about them unless provoked. He on the other hand wasn’t like this before, something’s changed and i’m pointing it out as it’a not befitting of him.

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