Rocket: “DayZ is a big ‘f#@% you’ to everyone who said modding wasn’t important”


By on March 27, 2013 at 9:13 am

The creator of DayZ, Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall, is understandably quite a fan of modding in games — and so it might come as no surprise that, when questioned about it at PAX, he delivered some pretty strong opinions.

“What might make me happiest is DayZ is kind of a big “fuck you” to everyone who said modding wasn’t important,” said Hall to PCGamesN. “I read a comment on 4chan of all places. Someone was asking ‘why is it that one of the greatest gaming experiences I’ve ever had came not from a company but from a mod from some obscure person’.”

“The reply was ‘well maybe it’s because it wasn’t a product of a billion marketing meetings and stuff like that’. Because it was so isolated the idea was allowed to grow as the idea itself.”

In the same interview, Hall also discusses the reasons behind the delay to the standalone game, with most of the blame falling on the new inventory system which Hall describes as essentially a ground-up rewrite of the way objects in the world interact. Fortunately, that appears to be behind them.

“We were really lucky in January and it just all came together really nicely in this inventory system [...] we can now do proper weapon attachments, we just implemented head torches, batteries, gas canisters, torches mounted on your body, all sorts of crafting opportunities and stuff like that.”

Source: PCGamesN

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Delay relative to when? I can’t believe that an inventory system mostly caused a delay from December 2012 to “ after June” 2013. It sounds to me like they bit off more than they could chew and then are trying to chew it with an insufficient number of molars.


Mods are probably the biggest reason I have always, and will always favor PC gaming over consoles. The way they can breath new life into a finished game you are bored with is amazing for replay value, finished Skyrim on PC? Not likely, go download a handful of mods and suddenly its a new game all over again ready for dozens of hours of more fun.


J-me, my firm suspicion is that the delays in DayZ’s release stem from them integrating a lot of functionality from the Real Virtuality 4 engine (Arma 3 engine) which they weren’t originally intending to do. However, the upshot of this is that we get a far better product on an enhanced engine, rather than a rushed release on the same engine.

Having worked on large IT projects before, I’ll take a well structured delay and a good finished product over a deadline inspired rush and something riddled with bugs and lack of functionality.

Back to topic though, I think this is absolutely spot on. DayZ has come at a time when the dynamics of making mass market games have produced a very refined type of product aimed solely at a ‘release every year on every console’. So in a very real sense, the only people making games that are focussed on the player, rather than monetisation are mods and homebrew games.

DayZ already provided me with some of the best gaming experiences of my life before the hackers kind of destroyed it. So I for one can’t wait for the full release.


Don’t get me wrong, I want this thing as much as anyone and am also shitty about the delays. But my understanding was that what they were going to release in December was just a polished version of the mod. At some point they decided to do it 100% properly and start from the ground up hence the move back in release dates.


Modding is a glorious thing! (Bethesda should give most of their profits to modders at that, modders do more work than the payed dev teams).

Never tried the DayZ mod but I am hanging for the release of this! Looks like a lot of fun and all my mates who played the mod are ready to start our own merry crew of survivors :P



That, and the whole two of their developers were in jail for espionage.


‘well maybe it’s because it wasn’t a product of a billion marketing meetings and stuff like that’

Which is why I think free-to-play MMOs are the curse of modern gaming – games designed entirely around a marketing plan; no wonder they are so generally dreadful! Hurrah for DayZ and innovative gaming concepts that aren’t simply there to separate us from out money!


**cough** CounterStrike **cough**

Rocket needs to shut his pie hole, stop doing pointless interviews and devblogs and start producing content. He talks like they’ve turned it into a big budget production when realistically it’s still a couple of guys working on it.

After this amount of time and all the stringing along they’ve been doing it better be a fkn spectacular game or people are going to be pissed. Perhaps I sound a little snarky but he raised himself up as “not the traditional developer” and then he goes and strings along everyone with the same old bullshit.

I’d respect him a lot more if he stopped showing 40 minute talks on new tshirts and talking like it’s nearly done and just said “you know what guys? It’s not done yet”.


Mods are awesome. Shame EA stiffed us and didn’t allow BF3 to be modded. Take BF2 for example…the Forgotten Hope 2 mod for BF2 is by far the best WW2 FPS around, although its dated now.


Reminds me of an article I read about how Silicon Valley succeeded because it could allow the market to decide what is good rather than the government or investors.


Nekosan, I feel like you are at risk of sounding like some kind of disproportionately entitled consumer.

The devblogs are a way of communicating to the literally million plus people who have played DayZ the mod and are waiting on news for the game. Rocket and his team have the backing of Bohemia Interactive, which while not EA is not insubstantial. So while it’s not big budget, it’s definitely far more able to leverage the power of the Real virtuality engine than he was able to while solo.

Rocket is not a traditional developer, but I don’t really know what a traditional developer is, if there is indeed one, so the distinction may be moot and owe more to his developing and starting to implement the idea/concept in isolation rather than by committee.

I respect Rocket immensely for what he has already done, the fact that it’s taking longer to produce than you want, or any of us want, doesn’t give us the right to act entitled.



T-shirts and motorcycle helmets are critical path, didn’t you know?


No wonder rocket nearly had a breakdown at the end of last year, its probly was probly from reading 4chan.



The PS3 has always supported mods. The only reason you do not see it used is because of devs and not the system itself.

Hell, I only know of two titles off the top of my head where mods could be utilised (UT3 and JC2)…

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