Richard Garriott teasing new game with ‘Lord British Presents’

Lord British Presents

By on March 4, 2013 at 5:46 pm

If you head over to you’ll find a countdown timer, slowly ticking away until some time this Friday, where it will reveal… something.

Something Lord British/Richard Garriott themed, no doubt. What could it be?

Well, the man has been busy on Twitter, posting images like that one of a Stonehenge-like construction, and teasing “What waits beyond for Lord British?”, so my bet is on ‘some sort of new Kickstarter-funded RPG’.

You can enter your email address at the site to ‘receive breaking news from Lord British’ too, if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy. Stay tuned!

Source: Lord British Presents

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Like we need another one of those -_-…


Ultimate Ultima: Avatar Ascension: The Black Lords of The Deamon Pagan Portal 19.

Im calling that


People like Garriott and Brad McQuaid are the lowest scum of the gaming industry… they’re that guy who was a highschool football hero but somehow never made it into the NFL and now beats on his wife and kids between blackouts and working his minimum wage job. They also never stop talking about how fantastic they were and how their next big victory is just around the corner.

I’m yet to see anyone be successful with more than one MMO (and dont say Guild Wars, because that’s a turd), time to let the new guys have a crack.


No, I think I’ll keep my email address to myself. If you’ve got news, why don’t you just post it up on that nice website for all to see, hey LB?


Uses Kickstarter..

Traveled to space
Lived in a castle…

You don’t need our charity.


Well, I remember Lord British getting assassinated back in the pre-release event of UO, damn that was good times, and very long ago.

If that’s a kickstarter goal, well, yeah maybe I’ll throw something his way.


Well, I remember Lord British getting assassinated back in the pre-release event of UO, damn that was good times, and very long ago.

If that’s a kickstarter goal, well, yeah maybe I’ll throw something his way.

After the assassination, didn’t he like roll back the servers to resurrect his avatar?


Not sure how this can even be called a suprise, since theres only one logical next step.

After making a series of games where you play as Richard Garriott, transported to an alternate reality to be given epic quests by the King of the realm, Richard Garriott mk2, theres only one obvious next step.

Richard Garriott is transported to an alternate reality, and given the quest by the King of the Realm, Richard Garriott mk2, to find the one true God, Richard Garriott mk3, in the new Ultima (whatever the fark theyre up to now) game.

I’m guessing at this point, Richard Garriot will collapse into some sort of singularity and stop pestering the rest of us. Yay!!


This guy is really frustrating.

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