Resident Evil 6 celebrates upcoming PC release with L4D2 crossovers

L4D2 in RE6

By on March 18, 2013 at 11:23 am

If you like shooting zombies, then you probably already own Left 4 Dead 2 and you’re interested in playing Resident Evil 6 on the ol’ PC when it launches this week. And so you’ll be doubly pleased to know that in Resident Evil 6‘s PC-exclusive “No Mercy” mode, you’ll be able to play as the cast of L4D2 — and shoot up a bunch of Special Infected, who will also be making the jump.

But that’s not all! Valve are currently working on bringing the Lepotitsa, Napad and Ogroman enhemies into L4D2 as well. The L4D2 character pack will arrive on April 5, free for all RE6 players. New RE6 enemies should show up in L4D2 “this spring”.

Source: Capcom

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Well that was unexpected o.o

I never clicked on the whole ‘No Mercy mode’ and L4D’s ‘No Mercy campaign’ similarities until this. My main question though, is can we co-op No Mercy mode this time around?

In RE5 we had No Mercy mode, but stupidly you could only play it solo. With so many enemies on screen there wasn’t even enough time to reload your weapons or hunt down time extensions. Yet you could play co-op on the normal mode and often be standing around waiting on a new wave of enemies to spawn because you had already cleared them all out of the area.

I wonder if the L4D characters will have special L4D themed weapons. There were a few weapons unique to certain mercenaries characters in RE5, so if they’re still using the character based loadouts that would be good to see.


“If you like shooting zombies, then you probably already own Left 4 Dead 2 and you’re interested in playing Resident Evil 6…”


Resident Evil 6 has zombies? Holy shit. I had heard leon’s campaign was the closest thing there is to the actual resident Evil games we know and love, though the 15 mins of the demo on the Ps3 I played before uninstalling in disgust is still fresh in my mind.

Forgive me if I wait for the inevitable <$5 sale (like Resi Evil 5's $4 price on GmG the other day) since these games have spat in the face of the franchise since 4 onwards by going the "lowest common denominator" third person shooter "dudebro" route.

More interested in this Revelations HD re-release which seems to be more of a proper RE game.

Free content for L4D2 though, guess I can't really complain about that.


And this is a numbered title. Uuuuurrrrrrgghhh.

RIP Resident Evil Series

RIP Survival Horror


RE6 is trash and the worst one in the series

do not buy it


if you don’t take RE6 seriously in the slightest and just laugh at how silly, terrible and ridiculous it is, it’s pretty great



Sweet. That’s pretty much how I’ve looked at any RE since RE3.

Already pre-ordered a while back, pretty sure I’ll enjoy it. It’s been a fair while since they abandoned the original trilogy style of games, I have no idea why people still expect them to be like that.

Looking forward to some awesome co-op again.


re2 ftw. l4d2 is my fav zombie game, fast pace action, love it.


It’s been a fair while since they abandoned the original trilogy style of games, I have no idea why people still expect them to be like that.

They could make a game like RE4. RE5: How can you build tension when you always have a co-op partner to save your arse if you get in too deep?



Can tell just from that, that you never even tried playing RE5 co-op on the hardest difficulty. At least not without some kind of cheap, fun killing strategy equivalent to using infinite ammo. it was an extremely deadly difficulty if you played it like you actually had a pair.

Apart from normal zombies, there were a tonne of 1 hit downed and 1 hit kill scenarios where 1 little mistake will ruin everything. Even if you were left in a downed state, on the hardest difficulty, the revive times were so short you literally had to be standing right next to your partner to have enough time to revive them. But in most of the heavy action scenarios you don’t want to be standing that close next to each other. Rather a bit spaced out and covering each others backs from nasty surprises with a bit of room to kite enemies backwards without edging into the other player.

There were a large number of challenging and tense moments on professional. I very often saw my co-op partners get wasted without a hope of me being able to help save them. The game was also near impossible to complete with AI on that setting which pretty much says it all on how useless you are to save somebody from their own mistakes.

Even though I had 200+ hours of playtime and a hoard of ammunition, I would never take any extra ammo into the maps apart from what was loaded in the weapons I took in with me (which were fully upgraded with pretty decent magazine sizes). I’d use the ammo conservatively and be very careful choosing where to unload my more powerful rounds.

I’ll admit RE5 had way too much ammo that conservation generally wasn’t strict at all. It was only the fact that I restricted my ammo limit to a reasonable amount deliberately to make the gameplay more fun (with so much playtime under my belt, my stocks were just the same as having infinite ammo anyway). Though that’s still exactly how I played the original RE trilogy as well (just not to such a large degree). I would always finish the original RE (and gamecube remake) without using anything apart from the pistol and shotgun until the final boss.

Tension and difficulty were most definitely there if you actually gave it a chance and went looking for it, the only thing it was really missing compared to the originals were the puzzles (Story/horror quality aside). Which many were no longer really puzzles after finishing the game once anyway. More just like… filler content, simple chores in most cases.


At least I can start to maybe respect Capcom for listening to their fans and the overwhelming negative feedback at the decline that the series has taken with this Dudebro approach thus far, probably with Revelations being something to test the waters with before they decide that yes – indeed they have really shat all over the franchise and maybe it’s a good idea to do a reboot.



IIRC I played it through solo on the hardest difficulty and only unlocked the professional difficulty after the first play through. For me the difficulty only builds tension from the need to not make a mistake, not from the environment itself — which is not what I want from survival horror. The co-op buddy, the abundance of powerful weapons with ammo and the Mr. Olympia that now is Chris Redfield all detract from any skerrick of survival horror.

I actually did enjoy RE5 as a game. I get a lot of enjoyment out of the Mercenaries component too, which blossomed in RE4 and is undoubtedly archetypal of an action game. I just want to have an in-depth survival horror experience. But with the big developers catering to the lowest common denominator the variety of genres in gaming is becoming ever more constricted.

BTW, I also horde the powerful weapons. Generally in gaming I’m learning to make use of them while I have them and not lose them to the epidemic of you’ve been captured by the enemy and have lost all your equipment moments.


And this is a numbered title. Uuuuurrrrrrgghhh.

RIP Resident Evil Series

RIP Survival Horror

Resident Evil Revelations is a great game on 3DS and when it comes out to consoles/PC it will bring faith back to the series and fellow RE fans.



I think you mean atmosphere, but yeah I agree. The only part in the whole game that actually built tension from that was the part with the crocodiles. At least until I’d played it so many times that I knew exactly where every croc spawned and approached from, but until then there was a lot of paranoia constantly looking around me, feeling surrounded and threatened even when nothing was there.

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