Promised SimCity patch to address traffic congestion issues arrives


By on March 20, 2013 at 6:37 pm

SimCity 1.7 has arrived, and it attempts to address the traffic congestion problems that have been plaguing the city simulator, resulting in a number of less than flattering videos.

The full patch notes read as follows:

  • Traffic Improvements: Tuned traffic congestion and fixed some intersection traffic issues.
  • Traffic improvements: Emergency Vehicles will drive in empty lanes to get around traffic at intersections.
  • Traffic improvements: Emergency and Delivery vehicles get priority over regular traffic when leaving garage.
  • All units and buildings can now be demolished using the bulldoze tool.
  • Performance improvements for low spec systems.
  • New Server: Asia 2 will be released Tuesday afternoon (PDT)!

Fire it up and let us know if you notice a difference!

Source: EA Forums

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I wish someone would release a patch for real life traffic issues.


Patch has really cleared out my streets in all but peak hours. Really solid patch, good to see some decent support and quickly


Well I managed to resolve all my traffic problems so far by redesigning my roads (endless grids are BAD) but it’s good to see the emergency/delivery vehicle priority. The “performance improvements for low end systems” bit worries me… was kinda hoping the city borders might get opened up a little, but if the casuals are struggling to run the game there ain’t much chance.


I am not sure I have noticed much change at least with this patch. I thought the change may have already happened with the last patch as some of the traffic levels seemed to have reduced.
In one of my cities I still have experiencing a lot of grid lock caused by a crazy amount of cabs trying to get to the airport. It does seem to spread the the traffic over many of the roads but that does tend to clog up even more roads now. It still also should be favouring the better roads over the smaller ones but seems to still be trying to use the most direct options over the most capacity options.

I am not sure they have fully implemented smarter special vehicle pathing options too as I still have noticed many times where 3 or 4 vehicles follow each other and seems to ignore other areas.

I also came across a strange bug with one of my recycling centres in that it was constantly full and consumed less than 1t/h.

I wish they would rebalance the buildings cost especially for the larger services. I have 1 town sitting on around -1700/h and the only way I am staying afloat is by selling all my recycling collections and holding events (which seems to be struggling to fill now). We could also use a better RCI balance too as they never seem happy.


My 25k pop town costs 95k per month to run and is ‘in the red’ by 85k per month.\but its ok because the industry I run [with 16k out of 21k jobs being unfilled] makes 5 mill per month.

anyone need money for a new town? I have 100 mil on that city.

also with only 25k pop no traffic problems.

its really deserving of the term “sim” because its so realistic …


There’s still the issue of having a single point of entry to the city, which will invariably cripple the entrance which can really cripple global trading.

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