New screenshots of Space Hulk game look dark, grim and excellent

Space Hulk

By on March 6, 2013 at 1:45 pm

The recently-announced Space Hulk game has received two lovely new screenshots, as well as a bunch of fresh information courtesy of an extensive interview with RPS.

During the interview, it is revealed that a deal has already been worked out with Steam and that the game will be coming directly there rather than going through Steam’s Greenlight service. Developer Thomas Henschel Lund also revealed that it would be a PC game first and foremost and then an iPad port, rather than focusing on tablet development.

Also revealed were these excellent pictures — click through to check ‘em out.

Source: RPS

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So it’s like Alien Swarm but with Adeptus Astartes?


Looks turn based…


Well of course, I’d be kind of surprised if it wasn’t turn based. It is Space Hulk after all. Looks rather lovely though…


Kinky, it is. That’s what Space Hulk has always been…


looks fresh!


Looks turn based…

2nd screenshot didn’t give it away?

It’s turn-based. If it’s better than X-Com then I’m sold as X-Com was pretty disappointing for me in terms of some crap that occurred on my save.

Hell, a W40k game of any sorts is a big yes.


I’m disheartened by the amount of people in the comments thread who evidently never played the original Space Hulk.


What you mean the board game? Admittedly no, I haven’t.


No, the video game. People seem to be remarking like this is a new concept when by all means it seems to be a HD remake, more or less.


Yeah I think I remember playing the A500 version previously, a long time ago…



I found X-com a bit underwhelming too. Was hoping for more of a Jagged Alliance 2 feel (best turn-based game IMO)

Still….. Mmmmmm, Space Hulk… Gimme gimme gimme!!!



i remember it!


Wow this looks awesome, definitely keep an eye out!


I remember running out of assault cannon ammo waaay too fast…


I hope its not quite as disapointing as the last warhammer title…..

I enjoyed the last couple of games to do with space hulk so hopefully this one will carry the torch. The last one, space marine, looked great but was so damn restrictive it was not funny.


These screens have sparked my interest. Although what would of gotten me excited would be a first person squad commanding game.

However I can see myself purchasing and enjoying this turn-based space crusade style game.



The Space Hulk game that I remember playing was in real-time and was first person view.

iirc it was ‘sort of’ turn based in the way that the enemy acts when you move/turn/shoot. I remember this had me very confused coming from ID shooters and Exhumed and it took me a bit to realise it didn’t play out exactly like an FPS.


I would be a bit disappointed if there wasn’t a first person view. It added a lot of atmosphere in the original. But I guess that also depends a lot on exactly how different the gameplay is in this to the original.


forumrabbit: 2nd screenshot didn’t give it away?

No, as a matter of fact I’ve just been told lately that the shit that falls from the sky when it’s all grey is actually called rain too!


Haha it seems I had Space Hulk and Space Crusade mixed up. Oops! Yeah I remember the original PC game Space Hulk but only played it a little as well.


I’m just waiting for them to turn Dark Heresy into a player choice driven RPG.

It’ll happen…. right? I’m tired of Space Marines.

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