NBN will have “disastrous results”, says local music industry


By on March 3, 2013 at 10:50 am

It’s not manufactured music, uncapped global capitalism and the demise of live venues which will eventually end the Australian music industry, a trade organisation has claimed. No: the culprit is the National Broadband Network. Apparently letting people outside ADSL service areas have access to first-world Internet speeds so they can download music as fast as the tens of millions of people already doing it will have “disastrous results”.

According to an annual report from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, 2012 is the first year the music industry has started to show signs of positivity since the digital revolution hit it like an out of control bus, and it’s now fully on board the Internet. Nevertheless, the IFPI claims to be facing stiff competition from unlicensed digital music sources, and in a case study of the Australian market, managed to blame the Internet both for a recent upswing and some sort of nebulous, NBN-driven piracy threat.

“The local recorded music industry experienced its first upwards trend since 2009. This growth can be attributed to the growing demand and consumption of digital music products, which made up 46.29% of the industry’s dollar value in 2012, compared to 36.7% in 2011 and 27.2% in 2010. However, local rights organisations, including ARIA are concerned that whilst the new NBN opens up endless possibilities for local content industries, if more action isn’t taken by the Government and ISPs to curb piracy levels, the NBN could have disastrous results for the local industry,” the case study said.

You can download the full report and the Australian case study to peruse at your convenience.

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Or they could adapt a better business model that takes advantage of everyone being able to stream 1080p content instantly?


Or they could adapt a better business model that takes advantage of everyone being able to stream 1080p content instantly?

I concur.


We need the NBN! The internet in AUSTRALIA IS CRAP compared with the rest of the world. The music industry can take a hike. more speed = more downloading of paid stuff, uploading will increase Australia’s impact on the internet.

The government should speed up the roll-out and put more money into the NBN now, if a politician says there for the NBN they can have my vote and the vote of gamer’s and it industry people everywhere


So them being incredibly slow to adapt to changes in technology is our fault for pirating stuff? Make your pricing scheme appropriate for digital downloads. No-one is paying big money for music any more, I honestly don’t think I’d pay more than $1 for a song. The last time I bought a CD was in 2005 and I have no intention of buying every song I’ve ‘downloaded’ on iTunes or something similar. I honestly hope the entire industry hilariously collapses forcing them to rethink their approach.


What about the crappy iTunes pricing/stores by region? They can’t have it both ways.


Oh noes, I’m going to be able to download all my favourite artists tracks in 20 seconds rather than 20 minutes, what a shame. The downfall of society is apon us.

Seriously, the music industry at the moment will blame anything for “lost” revenue, and they seem to view the internet as their biggest threat rather than the biggest consumer. 46% of sales were online so it says? Hm. Maybe if they went the way of gaming (trying to make the purchase more worthwhile with added content and such, release an extra track for album owners later down the release, etc) then piracy rates would be a little lower.

@Wolfstar: God, I only own 1 music disk, and that was a gift back in ’04.


Is it the NBN’s fault that iTunes price gouges Aussies too?


Silliest thing I’ve ever heard. Let’s not build fast trains, because people might get on without buying a ticket.

Sell your music in a consumer-convenient manner at a consumer-friendly price. Don’t blame other technologies.


Progression in various areas other than my own threatens a small percentage of my income. STOP PROGRESS NOW!


And this is why these groups should be outlawed.


Lol fail.

Current download of music at general ADSL speeds is like what?? 2 minutes? Doesn’t matter if it’s suddenly 20 seconds, the practice wont suddently get “easier” because of the NBN….


With my current ADSL2 speeds, I can already download music faster than I can listen to it. The NBN’s not going to change that.


NBN is also to blame for a rise in porn addiction, online gambling, furthering the cause of The Flat Earth Society, and was implicitly involved in Sept 11th attacks and is now believed to be harbouring Julian Assange in some sudo Matrix reality fronting as an Ecuadorean Embassy. Music downloads are the least of the concerns here.


better internet will only make the country stronger
bussiness and organisations will be able to operate more efficient


There are times I swear these groups look at some model and not the real world for some of the stupidity they come up with..


I really can’t be bothered to listen to lobby groups like the music and film industries anymore. It’s been proven time and time again that they just aren’t accepting of new technology and prefer to keep things in the past as much as possible.


When companies start behaving like society should adapt to their needs, they’ve lost touch with what made them successful in the first place.


This is just retarded.
I can download 5mb file in around 10 seconds and my adsl2+ is as far as you can get from the exchange, how the hell do they think the NBN is going to affect them at all? download a file in 3 seconds compared to 10?


WTB an actual artists opinion.

where’s phewcha ?

Honestly to me this just sounds like “we want more control over how content is distributed so we can charge more”, nothing new with this big companies talking out their asses to get government to help them sell their product and control the market.

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