Left 4 Dead 2′s cast now live and kicking in Resident Evil 6


By on March 24, 2013 at 11:59 am

As you may recall, Left 4 Dead 2′s cast and a bunch of special infected are headed to the PC exclusive No Mercy mode in Resident Evil 6. Are you baffled by that? I sure was baffled by that. Here’s a video of it in action which only makes me slightly less puzzled. Resident Evil 6 arrived on PC on Friday so if you like what you see, you know what to do. Meanwhile, Left 4 Dead 2 will also be the recipient of a content update, adding Resident Evil 6 material, but we don’t have an ETA.

Source: VG247

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Nice idea for a crossover, and that they are bringing some of Resident Evil 6 back to L4D2. Now if they could bring us the blood and gore to L4D2 sooner that would be swell.


Interesting idea but it I doubt I’ll be playing it.
I got 2 hours into RE6 and then gave up to play Colonial Marines instead.
That’s how much I disliked RE6.


Interesting idea but it I doubt I’ll be playing it.
I got 2 hours into RE6 and then gave up to play Colonial Marines instead.
That’s how much I disliked RE6.

Dayum, RE6 might really suck.


You went full retard Capcom, never go full retard.


im gonna be a pariah here, but i actually liked re6.
mind you i didnt expect them to have the same magic that 1, 2 and veronica had when they were comming out, so maybe im not as put off but the action feel of the new ones.


I’m loving it. Went 12 hours straight in co-op for my first session. Which, lets just say is not normal for me.

There’s a few buggy bits in the PC release though atm, some of them pretty gamebreaking. First level in and we had a guy that had to open a door for us bug out and we had to restart the level. There are some fixed camera moments in the game that play havoc with your movement controls as well, especially when the camera craps itself and you can’t see your character.

It’s pretty buggy considering that they delayed it 6 months to perfect the port. Oh well at least it runs superbly and has a few nice optional extras like increases for FOV, I can deal with a few bugs until they’re fixed up. As a PC gamer am pretty much used to it by now.

Overall though I’m really surprised and impressed with the amount of content in the game so far. The combat is really fun, a bit confusing at first as you come to grips with the controls, but there are a lot of special attacks and monouvers you can perform once you figure it out which are really fun to play around with. Stealth kills, environmental kills, 2-player combos, counter-attacks and all sorts of moments where the first time you pull them off you are like “Wha! how’d I do that?”

I got a bit worried in the first couple of maps for Chris’ campaign, I thought they’d gone squad based CoD urban warfare style with C-Virus enemies for a bit. But it went back to classic investigation style after a few levels thankfully. Still yet to finish his campaign but Leon’s campaign was great fun. Haven’t played Jake’s yet.

After I saw this article I went in to look for the new characters in mercenaries and couldn’t find them. Now after re-reading the article I’m a bit disappointed to learn that they are only available in no mercy mode. Not sure why they done that.

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