Leaked videos of Tomb Raider with new hair rendering system appears

Tomb Raider

By on March 5, 2013 at 12:53 pm

Footage from the PC version of Tomb Raider has finally surfaced on the internet following its unlocking on Steam a short time ago. In the video below, uploaded to YouTube by EzioCroft, we can see Lara’s hair swinging around with the new TressFX hair rendering system from AMD in action. It looks nice, but… perhaps a bit too exaggerated? Hard to tell right now — what do you think?

Source: All Games Beta

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Maybe a bit too much sway when she’s walking, but for jumping, dropping down areas and that it looks quite good. Hopefully more games use this tech, looks great.


Cuts my Framerate by about 30 or more with this option turned on =(
Looks nice though, especially up close in cutscenes – ironically enough where this tanks the most at a horrible <20 fps


Looks pretty good for a first effort. Physics are way off though, environmental effects are non-existent (e.g. in the areas with water). I think the unnatural movement would be distracting for me.


Was playing this last night – looks terrible in motion, relatively nice in stills. Not worth the performace hit – the normal hair looks much better.


Her hair appears to dry quickly


I really like the look of it, but the performance hit is bad. Hopefully there’ll be some driver updates or something to help it along a bit.


Oh wow that ending! XD I wonder if he really was trying to help…

I agree it’s too exaggerated though I saw a bit form later in the game (no longer walking weird) and it’s not as bad. Definitely a good first try. The base is already there they’d just need to turn the knobs I think to get it working well and not looking so exaggerated.


With all this talk of hair I wonder if our periods will sync????


New technology/techniques in games tend to get exaggerated to emphasise their existence. HL2: Lost Coast was one of the first games (tech demo really) to incorporate HDR, and they did so by exaggerating the effect to demonstrate the difference between it and traditional lighting. It was toned down for actual games though. I imagine this will be the case for the hair effect as well – gotta make it noticeable for the first game, cos gamers don’t appreciate subtlety apparently.


having put in about an hour into the game i can say its very hit and miss the hair. sometimes it looks great others horrid. Hope to see it improved and worked into future games tho.


is the performance hit different for amd and nvidia? who’s using what above?


amd 6970 very small hit. Have heard Nvidia cards are getting a huge hit to performance tho. reports of more then 30fps loss.


Nvidia here and I lose 30-40fps with it enabled.


looks like nvidia need to get some drivers or something out there for it. Good to see AMD to have something up on them.


Playing on an Nvidia 670 here with an i7 3820, pulling 38 FPS with TRESSFX enabled. It’s playable but TBH the hair looks REALLY unrealistic and not very good at all.


Nvidia gtx470 here, and for me it’s generally smooth with everything but the AA turned up to max. With tressFX I have to turn down a lot of the settings to normal. Oddly it’s much smoother ingame, it’s the cutscenes and qte’s that take the biggest hit.

*that is to say, generally smooth without TressFX.


Yep, the hair didn’t change physics wise or looks when she was in the water compared when it should be “dry” hair


http://imgur.com/TRDnnvb My lara has hair haunted by space invaders.
I think my card is f’ed :(


Could be a driver issue, I had her hair popping in and out at certain angles at one point.

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