DOTA 2 overtakes Skyrim as most concurrent users title on Steam

DotA 2

By on March 5, 2013 at 5:14 pm

When Skyrim launched at the end of 2011 it garnered at record-breaking 287,411 concurrent online players beavering away on Steam — a record that has since been untouched. Now, however, DOTA 2 has overtaken that record.

A Reddit user by the name of scherzocrk noted that March 1st brought a peak of 297,010 concurrent players, significantly eclipsing the previous record.

If you like graphs, here is one showing an impressively consistent rise in concurrent player activity.

With DOTA 2 still in beta, these numbers are expected to rise even more over time. Impressive stuff.

Source: Reddit via PCGamesN

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Great to see, love dota.


It’s no wonder seeing that every man and his dog has been gifted beta access by this point.


You mean a free multiplayer game overtook a single player game that required purchase? I’m more impressed that skyrim lasted this long. I thought dota would have overtaken it a long time ago.


Interesting….. I fail to see how this being a free game has anything to do with a games ability to capture and retain a player base to peak over a record that was set by a paid for game.

I understand that “Paying” is a big barrier for some people that enjoy gaming.

This would have to be one of the first “free” games that I have spent some time playing, enjoying, suffering, learning, putting up with the rage of others and yet I continue to play over and over again.

It a great game and worth a short.


~297,000 actually in game competing or some significantly smaller number actually playing and the vast majority spectating?
If it’s the latter then it seems a somewhat unfair comparison, users (DOTA 2) versus players (Skyrim).


If you really want a true comparison you’d have to compare skyrim numbers over all platforms.


16 copies sitting in steam, attempted around 2 hrs don’t really get the appeal /shrug



I think this is meant to be just a steam record breaking than an overall game record breaking. I’d imagine the number of simultaneous users in WoW, LoL or CoD is still significantly higher than this.

What i’m most surprised about is that Skyrim held the record at all, I thought CS or some other MP game would’ve held the record.


It makes me a little sad that after all this time it was Skyrim that it had to displace on top, pretty lame that there’s nothing more popular on Steam atm.


i can’t get into dota 2, the learning curve is too hard for me, and never really played the original, but LOL is so addictive and ive wasted like 400 bucks on it, i’m a sad case :(



There are several guides on how to play on the steam hub for Dota 2, few that have taught me much more than I expected.

Not sure if I can link this, but uh this one is pretty solid with a few good pictures to help. Best one I’d recommend.


16 copies sitting in steam, attempted around 2 hrs don’t really get the appeal /shrug

Same, think I’ve got about 20 copies at last count.. not my style of game at all.


people still playing skyrim? its probably just modders making shit


Yeah, with them sending out more betas than there are steam users, everyone’s going to try it for at least a little while. I’d expect the number of online players to drop sharply soon enough.


Yeah I can’t even give them away. The marketplace has thousands of listings of it for 1c.

My brother paid $30 for it for me so I could play it with him. I’ve played it once. He wasn’t too happy when I got given 12 free copies and then another 10 to give away.

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