Crysis 3/ASUS AMD giveaway: Winners announcement!

Crysis ASUS AMD Giveaway

By on March 5, 2013 at 4:43 pm

Thanks to the small fact that over five hundred of you entered our massive Crysis 3/ASUS AMD giveaway, we ended up completely missing our deadline to have all the winners sorted and announced. Please accept my apologies; I am only human and my bones are so weak. Now, though, the sorting has been finished — and we are ready to hand out the prizes. Let’s begin.

First Prize

An ASUS AMD RADEON HD 7970, a PC Hunter Edition of Crysis 3 and a Crysis 3 shirt

NacimotaGPU Toolbox Mode

Enter a world of limitless possibilities by taking full control of the graphics card.

Make the CELL soldiers think they need glasses by enabling Depth of Field or destroy their vision entirely with Bloom and Lens Flares that would burn even J. J. Abrams’ retinas!

Torture your enemies by gradually reducing their polygon count until they resemble origami lepers!

In the event of poisoning, activate Anaglyph 3D mode to quickly induce vomiting!

Rage-quit in style by triggering the BSoD of your choice! Today’s favourite is IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Second and Third Prizes

An ASUS AMD RADEON HD 7850-DC2-2GD5, a PC Hunter Edition of Crysis 3 and a Crysis 3 shirt each

AphyosisOvercharge Mode

Suit energy is discharged at a high rate, arcing onto any nearby metal objects, enemies and incoming bullets. Arcs can continue a limited distance and vaporize bullets, but on depletion of suit energy leave the soldier in a vulnerable state as the rapid discharge requires longer to recover from.

The more targets/objects surrounding the player, the faster the suit drains power and produces more arcs. In practice, use in a enclosed, metallic or dense environment would create a violent AOE effect for nearby enemies. In a open area, the suit depletion would be slower, but would vaporize enemy fire and potentially arc back to the enemy if close enough.

Use would need to be judged finely, as overcharge could leave the soldier vulnerable if used poorly. Alternatively, correct use could provide a lethal edge in a aggressive assault or when leaving cover.

schkorpioMaximum Life Coach

You realise that the “bad guys” aren’t really bad guys; they’re just doing their job. You can disarm any career challenged opponent with your earnest look of empathy mixed with a hint of disappointment.

Approaching the misguided fellow – once he is in melee range you can hold the crouch button, which engages “I’m a good listener” mode.

You both sit down on a beautifully rendered moss covered rock, and have a one on one, man to man chat about where things started to go wrong in his life, and what prompted a series of negative life choices which eventually led him to work for such an evil corporation. He cries, and you put your nanosuit covered finger over his lips and say “shhhhhhh”. You give him a man hug and whisper in his ear: “let it all out, you’ll feel better”.

Runners-Up (in no particular order)

These fine people take home a PC Hunter Edition of Crysis 3 and a Crysis 3 t-shirt

lithianSticky Hands Mode

You’re a busy man. An important man. A man with places to go, despots to depose, and alien hordes to send packing.

You need to be able to stalk prey, flip vehicles and toss enemies like ragdolls. Maybe you’ll also wear that nanosuit into a bar and buy a lady a drink, the kind with a little umbrella.
You can’t afford to look shabby, and nothing ruins a black nanosuit like cat hair.

Introducing Sticky Hands (TM) mode, developed by a secretive, underground defense company for cat lovers everywhere. Simply activate Sticky Hands, pat down your suit, and let our futuristic military tech do the rest!

Whether you’re leaving for a night on the town or a suicide mission on a tropical island, you want to be able to pet Mr Whiskers goodbye and still look your best. Buy Sticky Hands today, and have the confidence to be you.

tacticalkentMaximum Intelligence

Estimated courses of enemies appear, health, armor and weapon status is displayed beside them and recommended use of weapons is shown. The mode also displays cones of vision, hearing ranges and level of suspicion/skepticism in the enemies personality, allowing the player to know exactly how to play to their style.

DarthLondarWireframe Mode

Can’t handle all those fancy graphics? Turn on wire frame mode and get rid of those pesky GPU intensive textures! No need to worry about fill rate anymore! Watch your frames per second fly through the roof! Comes complete with 16bit colour scheme for improved performance!

Relaxed_PossumMaximum Commander

This mode is a complete reconfiguration of the suit to provide advanced construction capability. The suit can produce mass extractors and energy generators which provide the resources to allow the further construction of land, sea & air factories and a number of defensive and auxiliary structures. The suit then allows the wearer complete control over the automated buildings as well as the robotic army they produce. To facilitate effective battle control the suit launches a high altitude UAV providing complete strategic zoom over the battlefield. Once enough energy has been generated the suit may also deploy the D-gun providing massive direct damage to any enemy it hits. The Maximum Commander mode can provide supreme dominance over any battlefield; has been responsible for planetary annihilation and has even been rumoured to be capable of total annihilation.

Darth RobboCall of Honour Mode

User gains several abilities:

  1. Able to regenerate damaged tissue and superficial damage within seconds by staying out of the line of fire. Even deep shrapnel wounds from grenades are healed magically.
  2. Tunnel vision is activated, which forces the user to follow a straight path, indicated by large neon arrows and brightly-coloured objective markers. The Nanosuit also props up invisible walls and inexplicably non-opening doors to ‘assist’ the user.
  3. The Nanosuit also injects endorphins into the user’s cerebral cortex, in order to block out the trauma of murdering thousands of soldiers simply following orders. This allows the user to focus on sweet killstreaks and deploying UAVs and bomb runs.
  4. Lastly, the state-of-the-art visor adjusts colour and hue in the environment to a more dull, grey/brown mixture similar to the contents of a soiled nappy. This is known as the ‘Next-Gen Filter”.

FireslideMaximum/Minimum Mass

Having the ability to rapidly increase or decrease the mass of the armor & wearer. In the proximity of an explosion? Shift to maximum mass to retain your position like a stoic rock, or shift to minimum mass and be blown around like a leaf on the wind. Once you are up there above your enemies, increase mass and fall on them from above mario style. Combine maximum mass and maximum speed to turn into an unstoppable juggernaut, plowing through paper thin walls or doors, or minimum mass and maximum speed to run across water like a graceful lizard. The possibilities are endless.

SonicFRAGDoughnut Mode

Your Nanosuit is now… doughnuts!
Hungry? Just rip off some of that doughy meaty suit to snack on! It grows right back!
Awww why am I so tasty? Lure enemies with the mighty scent of fresh sugary yeast!
Attack! Hot syrupy wonder nozzle – for external use only!
Double Glazed choc defend! Crunchy chocolate coating deflecting projectiles win!
The all-in-one sugary treat mode is now wearable! Do so at your own risk… of protection!

Honourable mentions

Without blowing this article out too far, I’d like to name some of the other entries that we thought were superb. Our congratulations to Specimen, J-Me, libbaz, SomeXspeC, MacrossFiru, Element, Shuth, meph3x6, our_mate, skitzor, Siveth, WhiteKnight210, Giraffe, jncord, The Rockodile and Ragee for their excellent entries.

Thanks to everybody who entered! Winners, you should receive a PM from me momentarily asking for your details so that we can get your prizes organised. Massive thanks to EA, ASUS, and AMD for supporting this excellent competition, and congratulations again to all the winners!

39 comments (Leave your own)


I am having a heart attack.


Haha, well done :)



If you die can i have your Video Card:P

Congrats too all the Winners.




Congrats to the winners, I hope you enjoy the cards and feel free to send me them after you realize that I’m here..


Nice entries, good job guys.


i got my hopes up…..


Props for actually judging all those entries.

Congrats winners.

My favourite comical entry would have to be “Wireframe Mode”, and it reminds me of MechWarrior 2.


Enjoy the vid card, you’re gonna need to game at a higher res than 1920×1080 to get release the full potential of that card.

Trust me i know

I had lower frames in some games @ 1080


Yeah, if you’re hitting max fps then try downsampling in games and see how the performance goes.


I’ve been in need of a new card for a while anyway; my 5770 doesn’t really cut in recent games.



PS upgrade time?



And to think I would have given it to a friend if I won (nothing against ATI, my current card is more powerful… slightly).

Grats folks!


BTW, if any of the winners were unable to resist temptation and already purchased Crysis 3 – FYI I remain Crysis 3-less… ;)



what a farce, seriously what is wrong with the judges?how old are they seriously?2nd and 3rd place entries where way better!



Its all subjective. Personally, I thought my entry was great but I got nowhere with it.

I can see how the winning entry won though. Its a nice jab at current gen games… though it would have worked better for a game running on Unreal Engine 3 IMO :P



Actually luckily enough for me, when I built this machine in 2007 I decided to put a really big (850W) PSU in it so it could handle upgrades without issue :D

what a farce, seriously what is wrong with the judges?how old are they seriously?2nd and 3rd place entries where waybetter!

You’re mean :(


Grats to the winners! Nice entries everyone.

caesar69, don’t be a sad panda.


Gratz to the winners!



Well that worked out well for you. I was thinking that miniaturisation would’ve resulted in reduced power demands. So I invested elsewhere like in a DDR2/3 board. But that didn’t turn out to be so useful once the socket was superseded. :#

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