Critics somehow shocked as Battlefield 4 contains yet more shooting and guns

Battlefield 4

By on March 27, 2013 at 5:19 pm

Alcoholic beverages have been angrily dashed to the ground tonight in unprecedented quantities as games critics both online and in person at the Battlefield 4 event in San Francisco expressed their shock and outrage that Battlefield 4 would be basically the same as Battlefield 3.

“I just can’t understand it,” sobbed one games writer, twisting their fedora in their hands in disbelief. “They had the chance to make something completely untested, and instead they opted to go for something that was guaranteed to make them a whole pile of money.”

Another nearby games writer reached over and gave them a friendly pat on the shoulder. “It’s like they didn’t even want to challenge the status quo,” they agreed. “I came in here expecting to have my mind blown, and instead they’ve remade their last successful game but just overhauled the visuals.”

“They are very pretty though,” he admitted.

Meanwhile on Twitter, games critics vented their disappointment in the snarkiest way possible. “I can’t believe they made a game that is guaranteed to sell millions of copies,” said one person to another. “I’m genuinely shocked and amazed that this monolithic company made a sensible business decision.”

“Especially in the wake of their recent poor financial reports,” chimed in a third. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

“It’s a very pretty game, yeah, for sure,” they concluded. “It’s just hard to believe EA would pass up catering to what I want in order to serve mass market appeal.”

When asked for comment, the millions of cash-ready fans who just like shooting things but aren’t video game critics said “I can’t talk right now, I’m watching the Battlefield 4 trailer.”

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Really? Incredibly witty.

I’ve always wanted another Call of Honour: Modern Battlefield game.


I’ll leave my early comment open to modification based on the comments that follow it.


I’m glad that DICE seem have accepted the Bad Company 2 campaign model of following a squad of actual characters is more entertaining than Battlefield 3′s long list of forgettable soldiers.

I was surprised they didn’t bother to have entering/exiting vehicle transitions for their first big reveal of BF4. Snapping into and out of the ATV was very jarring.


lol fps fans money ready sequel shoot cod lol


Bravo Tim, Bravo.


Matt 'El_Funko' Long,

Well played mustache cat


“but just overhauled the visuals.”


You’re kidding me, right?

It looks…pretty much the same.


Looks good. I’ll buy it.


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! People expect something radically different? Play a different game?



I’m definitely here for the articles. :D


You know, I was really hoping Battlefield 4 would be a dance rhythm game or something. They could’ve moved the battlefield to the dance floor, but instead decided to play it safe and make another modern war game. I am very disappoint at EA’s apparent need to produce a game that makes money. I mean how could they be so short sighted?


…”instead they’ve remade their last successful game but just overhauled the visuals.”

If only they had done that for BF3.


I don’t see a problem with BF3, except for some glitchy things. I’m fine with pretty much another BF3 remake. At least it isn’t a cod.



Omg this! I want this MORE than a WWII Battlefield game.


Are you sure?


where the hell is the 1942 on frostbite?? they so could of done bf4 as 1942 again.. would love to fly around in the old planes having dogfights…..
oh and Vietnam one done after badcompany2 was crappp and didnt really count


Oh boy, another video game journalism site aboard the “gamers are entitled whining babies” train.


Yeah, I kind of expected Battlefield 4 to have better breast physics like in Dead or Alive, what did they expect…
But in all seriousness, it looks a ton better than Battlefield 3, and also pretty good deal if you’re pre-ordering, you get a bonus premium, big thumbs up for that.


I don’t see a problem with BF3, except for some glitchy things. I’m fine with pretty much another BF3 remake. At least it isn’t a cod.

BF3 was okay, until they started patching it. For me it became less stable with each patch up until the third one I think it was. After that all I could get was ‘Couldn’t connect to the server. Something went wrong.’ There were hundreds of pages of people screaming about it on their forums and nothing got done, no one at EA cared. I’ve tried connecting periodically ever since and finally managed to get back in and play about two months ago. Having the product pulled out from under you by dodgy patching and then experiencing the complete lack of customer care makes it very difficult to get excited about the new game.


I hope people don’t buy into preorder bonus crap, though. Just look at SimCity or Alien: Colonial Marines. Both awful games that likely turned a significant profit purely because of preorders. It’s not a smart move.


Looks good, rego looks a bit off, and the whole dude running about with god mode on, as well as an on rails campaign? Meh so last decade.

If they can fix FB2′s rego issues, then I’ll be interested, but why the need for the brown filter again. Life is bright folks even in war…



I think people are just annoyed about the relatively short turnaround for BF3. It came out late 2011, and BF4 is slated to come out late this year. 2 years is a relatively short amount of time for a multiplayer game and of course, EA will probably abandon BF3 for BF4 and expect the community to move to BF4. When that happens (and it will), you’ll basically have to pay for BF4 if you want to keep up with the player base (see the Call of Duty franchise for a perfect example).

Compare this TF2, which was released in late 2007 and it’s still going strong in no small part to Valve adding a lot of free content to keep it from becoming stale. People don’t like feeling like they’re being nickle-and-dimed.



I don’t think it’s so much “whiny entitled gamers” as much as it is “Battlefield has always been military shooty thing, what did you expect BF4 to be?” kind of thing. It would be like folks looking forward to the next Guitar Hero and being disappointed when they see video footage showing a game where you play a guitar.

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