Civilization V: Brave New World adds new culture and diplomacy options


By on March 16, 2013 at 7:19 am

Having opened a whole bunch of religious options with Gods & Kings, Firaxis has produced a second major expansion pack for Civilization V. Brave New World is all about how your fledgling nation interacts with global culture, which is good news for peacemakers and political schemers alike.

The big new addition is a new kind of culture victory. You’ll be able to use Great Artists, Writers and Musicians to place masterpieces in key buildings, send Archaeologists to ruins and battlefields to score treasures, and spread your influence to all other nations to score a win.

Diplomacy also gets a look in thanks to the new World Congress. City-states will be more important now that they can veto your grand plans, and the balance of votes can change the political scene markedly – especially if you’ve taken advantage of the new internation trade route feature.

The expansion also adds a bunch of more prosaic goodies; new civilisations, units, buildings, wonders, and two new scenarios – Scramble for Africa and the American Civil War.

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Hopefully this fixes the massive gameplay issue that Gods and Kings created. Can’t get more than 200 turns in on any game no matter the settings without at least 60% of the AI declaring war out of nowhere.


Now for the million dollar question.

When is this coming out?


Now for the million dollar question.

When is this coming out?

Summer 2013 apparently, so what’s that… July, August?



It maybe your play style that is the issue. If you get too far ahead either with the number of cities owned, your tech-tree or your wonders. Yet you don’t have a large enough military to defend yourself or otherwise heavily fortified cities, then other AI’s see that you as vulnerable and an easy target.


Raven is right the AI is kinda fecked, barbarians will skip over other AI’s to get to you, barely anything you do gets any goodwill and other civs almost automatically either think you’re weak or a threat.

Where is the puppetry and proper alliances i liked from alpha centauri.

Oh and they need to add the option to tell the other civs to stop sending missionaries into your lands. damn thats annoying


Oh and they need to add the option to tell the other civs to stop sending missionaries into your lands. damn thats annoying

You can ask them to stop, but they only agree if you’re on really good terms with them.


This game could take a quantum leap if they got rid of the kiddie god view and replaced it with a RPG view – feet on the ground. Then a hill wouldn’t be just something ot mine, it would block your view on what’s behind … until you climbed the hill and looked around. Combat would jump from kiddie rumbles to Total War battles. I’ve suggested this a few times on their forum but I keep getting trolled, they don’t want to change a winning formulae.



Because that’s not the point of the game. This isn’t an RPG, this is a 4X. It’s not about kiddle RPG views and kiddie swordslash combat, (see what I did there?) it’s about top down civilization management and politics. Different games for different people. You want Total War combat? You just named the game to find it in. You want boots-on-the-ground RPG? Skyrim, or a hundred others. You’re MEANT to look at a hill as ‘just something to mine’ in Civ. That’s part of the point.



Wow really? That’d have to be the stupidest thing I’ve read here in a while. Balketh is spot on.


God damn those CiV Nazi storm troopers have a long reach LOL! or is just Internode trolls?

Not playing the game, especially with kinky, stalking Blackgold are we ? LOL! sad .



Yes, because everyone who disagrees with you is a “troll” and is out to get you. For the record – I completely agree with balketh and I know neither him or yourself. I could go on and list other reasons why I disagree with your opinion, but you’ve already proved to be dismissive of ideas that differ from your own – so I’ll just leave you to continue wishing for things that will never happen.

Oh, and btw – Godwin’s Law. ;)


So sad has descended to trash responses and abuse. can now be added to the bullying forums. – well done! LOL!


So sad has descended to trash responses and abuse. can now be added to the bullying forums. – well done! LOL!

yes, damn those logical and balanced responses XD


So sad has descended to trash responses and abuse. can now be added to the bullying forums. – well done! LOL!


Logic vs opinion, in his mind opinion won :D


Yep cos changing camera position will make all the difference…

Also, quantum leaps are smaller than you can imagine.


He’s at least correct about GON comments being fairly trash when it comes to articles about EA/COD/DRM/Activision. :P


As if those topics aren’t really just trash in the first place.

EA – Megalithic corporation that still doesn’t know what it’s doing.
CoD – Game that lost its way due to too many $$$
DRM – Pointless exercise in futility, lies, propaganda and wasting money.
Activision – Best reducing games to the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately that also attracts a following full of lowest common denominators…


Aaaand cheers for proving my point


Any time :D



I don’t have Gods and Kings but the other civ AI in the vanilla game is severely broken.

Pretty much as follows:

You are powerful and large: they hate/fear you
You are weak and large: they hate/randomly attack you
You are weak and small: they hate/ignore/randomly attack you

They get angry when you build in vacant land, when you build up your military, when you are successful at anything, when your borders are near their borders, when you basically exist.

Meanwhile other countries with all of those characteristics quite happily team up to share research etc.

The game expects you to do massive amounts ot sucking up to other nations, when none of them ever bothers to do that to you.

History shows that having shared borders does not automatically lead to hatred and war (e.g. Canada and the USA), and that larger and more powerful countries tend to be able to procure more favourable deals from smaller/weaker ones, rather than having everyone in the world gang up to tell them to get lost.

Between this and the gimped combat some aspects of Civ V still haven’t moved beyond Civ II. AI was stupid in Civ IV, as well.

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