Check out all the action from the GONlympics Live For Speed tournament

Live For Speed

By on March 20, 2013 at 7:16 pm

With thanks to lucassot, Mearehear and lucassot again, some footage has appeared of the recent GONlympics Live for Speed event.

Take it away, GONnites!

If you haven’t signed up yet for the GONlympics, well, registration has closed — but! Take a look over this forum thread and then send a PM to our organiser Tera, and see if he’ll let you in! We’ve got plenty of great events still to come, so stay tuned.

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LOL that is awesome thanks so much :D My videos are the top two, Mearehear’s is the 3rd. First video is some commentary over some highlights, second & third are music videos, enjoy!


Ha wasn’t expecting to see this here when I sat down to the computer lol. I am not even fond of my vid once I uploaded it. But great to see LFS not being forgotten in the scheme of things with the Gonlympics :D Was fun racing with all the guys!


I should mention we are looking for anyone who is interested to join in some future races to let myself or Mearehear know!


Hot diggity. Not played LFS for years. I’d be up for future races. I better dust off my wheel and get back into it.


those cuts have been done really well, but I reckon it would be insane if you cut a race together like a live telecast…

bit of commentary, more in-car views, replays of good overtakes from all angles, it’d be awesome! (if not prohibitively difficult :P) I really enjoyed lucassot’s original highlights video anyway, seems like there was a lot of good racing to be had!



True, though very time intensive to do :D. I may get bored in the weeks ahead and make some overlays etc and do up one of the races like that, dabbled in it years ago with LFS.


Great videos guys, I thought Thrills and Spills was awesome but Meare, your vid is brilliantly put together.


Looks like it was a good laugh. Would have loved to join in but still not played enough LFS.

A Shift 2 Unleashed with UCP Comp however….
(Pity the name servers are in US/Euro which prevent Car Collisions in Aussie MP)


Murray Hibble,

Thanks mate, Lucassots vids inspired me into action :)

Was good fun, despite a bit of confusion about date/time meaning we were lacking a few people, but still had a blast and raced on for extra races after the 5 official ones. LFS is pretty easy to get to grips with due to its very natural physics.


Thanks for the comments guys, was a heap of fun putting them together. The highlights video took quite a while, I just wish my voice was a bit more enthusiastic overall when showing all the moments. Something to note next time!

Good exposure for the event too, hopefully will attract some new drivers for the next race :)


I would’ve participated in this if I knew it was on.



Keep an eye on the racing section here :) Plus we may be organising some more races soon if you want to get in on some LFS :)


awesome vids, well done!

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