Black Ops II adds support for premium customisation options


By on March 17, 2013 at 12:40 pm

Have you ever wanted to wander around in a multiplayer shooter clutching a gun made of bacon or plastered with Hello Kitty faces? No, me either, but Activision and Treyarch apparently believe there’s enough demand for this kind of japery that they’ve decided to make it a reality. An upcoming update will open Call of Duty: Black Ops II to cosmetic skins, which you’ll be able to purchase as premium DLC, adding a new revenue line to the shooter.

The microtransactions have already gone live on Xbox 360, and are due on “other platforms” – presumably both PC and PS3 – sometime in the near future. Each personalisation pack will add a unique weapon camp, three targeting reticles (one each for the Reflex, EO Tech, and ACOG sights), and a custom player Calling Card; PC pricing has not been announced, but it’ll be the equivalent of 160 MSP. Available packs include Bacon, Kawaii and Dia de Muertos; browse them here.

The timing of the move is quite interesting, as Black Ops 2′s sales have just begun to slow, at least in the US; the NPD Group’s most recent report had Dead Space 3 finally knocking the shooter of its number one monthly sales chart position, where it has reigned since its November launch.

The Xbox 360 version has also received a couple of other DLC updates, and again, PC availability has not been detailed, but in short, Nuketown 2025 became free for all; an Extra Slots pack allows more room for loadouts; Nuketown Zombies is available for purchase; and a Calling Cards pack provides flags from around the world.

Source: OneofSwords via PCGamesN

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“Dead Space 3 finally knocking the shooter of its number one monthly sales chart position”
Do believe you mean “shooter off its number one”

On topic, seems a bit interesting that they wanna charge more for this, especially in a game where you see your enemy for 0.5 of a second if you’re lucky, then start loading bullets into them.



But you can always see their calling card.



True, true… Oh well, if a custom card is worth paying extra for, I can see other companies trying the same approach….


Anyone seriously going to waste more money on this cash grab of a game?



Perhaps people like to play it?


Going by the login numbers in MP, not that many like it ;)

Consistently lower than both MW3 and MW2, Numbers playing Black Ops 1 are harder to find though, but there are still over 2000 servers active with players worldwide.

I know from just my friends list alone that the normal percentage involved is less than 30% that of MW3, for those who play a lot of CoD.


Last ditch effort to milk the COD cash train till cod 20th comes out ?

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