ArmA 3′s Alpha is Live, here’s Bohemia’s official sneak peek video

ArmA 3

By on March 6, 2013 at 11:17 am

If you haven’t pre-purchased ArmA 3 on Steam then you won’t be in the alpha just yet, which means you won’t be able to experience what many ArmA 2 veterans are calling “wow, holy crap” and “jeez look at these animations”. Bohemia Interactive are celebrating in style with this official sneak peek video showing off the game’s impressive new engine — check it out below.

All the details on the ArmA 3 alpha and how you can get in even if you don’t buy it can be found here.

Source: Press Release

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Hahaha great write up.


That is a mighty pretty looking game.


Again with the clunky in game menu system. Call me crazy but the only real difference I’m seeing is the graphics, and still a lot of old animations from arma 2… Still on my to buy list though.


will the price change? debating whether to buy it now or later (currently moved so i have no gaming comp :( ) so sads indead :(



it goes up $10 a stage, so yeah get it as early as you can. its currently $32.99, that increases to $45 when we hit Beta. Retail version is $60 (equivalent price to a new release AAA title at the US price.. YAY NO AUSTRALIA TAX!)

But yeah, get it early you save almost 50% and get the same product as the rest of us.


ok thanks. will buy it now haha. the one thing that i think i saw (well didnt see) :P was grass draw distance… sure im a sniper in a ghillie suit, you cant see me… 15 metres away he is in an open field cause grass isnt drawing :(


It’s still pretty, well alpha-y. I spent 15 minutes chasing after fish that were swimming through grass in the editor last night.


Again with the clunky in game menu system. Call me crazy but the only real difference I’m seeing is the graphics, and still a lot of old animations from arma 2… Still on my to buy list though.

It’s an alpha relax lol If you liked flashpoint and the arma’s this will rock your socks too. The movement, firing the gun, etc. look a lot more fluid to me.

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