Anonymous EA exec dishes on Riccitiello as Peter Moore slams Kotaku over “revelling in self-smugness”

Peter Moore

By on March 20, 2013 at 6:55 pm

John Riccitiello’s departure from EA has been a high-profile event, and naturally when a high-profile CEO departs there’s always somebody ready to anonymously put the knife in.

One ex-EA executive, speaking anonymously to GamesIndustry International, described Riccitiello as ‘the reason EA stopped kicking ass’.

“Riccitiello lost money every single year he was at EA while I was there, (and probably every other year he was there too). He just didn’t know anything about games, or rather, interactive entertainment in general,” said the anonymous ex-exec.

“After I left, he was gone for a while… [then] Riccitiello came back, but since he hadn’t learned anything as a VC guy, he really didn’t bring anything of value with him the first or the second time. He’s much more obnoxious than impressive.”

“EA hasn’t done much of anything of interest in 10-15 years, as proven by the unstaunched bleeding out of equity over that entire time period. It’s sad really, that company used to kick ass. Riccitiello was the single largest reason it stopped. Maybe it will heal, but I don’t think so.”

Meanwhile, EA’s Peter Moore has blasted Kotaku over their comments on the whole affair, taking to Facebook to slam the site for “revelling in self-smugness”.

“Kotaku reveling in what, due to their self-smugness, they don’t realize is a sad day for our industry, which is the platform on which they actually make money,” reports GamesIndustry International (again). “John not only helped propel our company and interactive entertainment into new experiences, thus enticing millions of new people to become ‘gamers’, his work leading the ESA in recent years has helped ensure that we don’t experience the fate of the music industry,” Moore said of his former boss. “Sad loss for all of us who had the pleasure of working with him as we emerged from The Burning Platform.”

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Now Kotaku will post a dozen unsubstantial articles in response, going completely off the topic of games while reposting slightly-humorous Youtube videos inbetween to fill their article quota.


this guy’s head looks like an alien


“self-smugness”, as opposed to?


…in recent years has helped ensure that we don’t experience the fate of the music industry.

Yeah, because these poor bastards are living on the streets now.


Whoever fails to adapt their strategies to current and incoming markets/techniques are doomed to fail and they mostly have themselves to blame imo.

DRM basically claims “You don’t trust you and must limit your freedoms when purchasing our product”

But then sites like Kickstarter proves the opposite. “Do you like this idea? Would you support us if we did it? Ok we will make what you like and give you bonuses if you if you commit to this project with us”.

And the reason why I speak of DRM and Kickstarter is due to how little goodwill EA has and how little creativity and passion they invest for such unique and classic titles.


Unbelievable that EA is trying to blame anyone but themselves for their current situation…

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