Win yourself a new ASUS Radeon HD card and a copy of Crysis 3 in our massive giveaway

By on February 21, 2013 at 11:20 am

With thanks to the good folks at ASUS, AMD and EA, we’ve got 10 copies of Crysis 3: Hunter Edition on PC and three shiny new ASUS RADEON HD cards to give away! Oh, and a bunch of sweet Crysis 3 t-shirts, too. How can you win this amazing prize? Read on!

What I am winning?

Our first prize is an ASUS AMD RADEON HD 7970. The 7970 comes with 28nm GPUs and 3GB GDDR5, as well as a GPU Tweak utility, PCI-E 3 connectivity and AMD Eyefinity support. First prize winner also goes home with a PC Hunter Edition of Crysis 3 and a sweet, sweet t-shirt.

Second and third prize winners will each walk away with a ASUS AMD RADEON HD 7850-DC2-2GD5, which features DirectCU thermal direct-contact heatpipes for 20% cooler and quieter performance, a GPU Tweak utility, PCI-E 3.0 and AMD Eyefinity support. These lucky people will also go home with their PC Hunter Edition of Crysis 3 and a t-shirt.

Seven more runners-up will all go home with a PC Hunter Edition of Crysis 3, and a fully sick t-shirt.

Dang! How do I win?

Entering is easy! Simply leave a comment on this article that explains, in 150 words or less, what new mode the Crysis nanosuit should have. We already have armour, speed, and stealth — but that’s boring. What extra mode should the suit have to make gameplay even better?

Answers can be funny, serious, satirical, or even completely insane — the 10 most creative entries will walk away with the prizes. No images allowed though!

Please remember this competition is only open to Australian residents.

What else do I need to know?

This competition runs from now until 11:59 PM ACDT on February 28 (Adelaide time). It is governed by the Terms and Conditions listed on this page.

Good luck, and have fun!

515 comments (Leave your own)

There is only one true mode the nanosuit should have, and that is the ability to turn into a bangin’ hot bikini model, complete with razor sharp blades that protrude from your forearms. Get up close and personal to enemies using bikini model mode, then slice their head off when they go in for a kiss! FATALITY!!


Ninja Suit

(For one , why hasn’t this been made?!)

Your nano-suit armor extends into your hand and forms a katana blade, it also gives you the ability for an extended jump beyond the already super jump, instead of landing on the ground with your fist, you now land gently on the ground and can immediatly jump again, if there is an enemy near where you are about to land you can extend you Katana down their spine to insta-kill them, a very brutal finisher.


Hmmmm… how about Wile E. Coyote mode, where your suit allows you to temporarily follow cartoon physics instead of vanilla physics. This mode would make it possible to:

- pick yourself up off the ground to reach high places
- fire yourself from the bow to travel long distances (against all probability, the elastic potential of the ACME bow will cause it to spring after you and hit you in the back of the head when you land)
- run off ledges and completely ignore gravity (provided you don’t look down…)
- be absolutely immune to fall damage
- set an amazing variety of environmental traps which will only the player can set off or take damage from

I would imagine this suit mode would have to come with its own set of sound effects.


the midas touch. i think it would be funny as hell to turn someones gun into solid gold and watch them desperately try to fire it at you as you lift them up by the neck and throw them 100 feet in the air


Maximum Grip

This mode allows the user to climb any solid surface, remain adhered to said surface or descend said surface safely. This is achieved by the nanosuit deploying tiny hooks and suction cups from its outer layer on demand. The hooks penetrate all but the hardest of surfaces while the suction cups adhere to the latter. Field applications include scaling obstacles, roof entry, reconnaissance, sniper perch access and escape.


Time Slipstream Coating. The ability to freeze (or at least slow down) time and create a ripple of temporal damage in you wake would be something else. Think about it; Seph jump out at you, you freeze time (him in mid air), you swerve around him punch his buddy in the face, disable the ability and turn around just to watch him hurtle himself into the temporal ripple you left behind. EPIC.


Clown Mode.

The new tactical camouflage when activated turns your nano suit into a clown costume. Upon activation the nano suit springs out a fluro green afro, a red nose along with big multicolored buttons, yellow clown jump suit and of course the long feet.

Not only does your nano suit change your visual appearance but it also projects holographic balloons and streamers for maximum laughter.

Why bother taking extreme caution using stealth when you can have your enemy rolling around in laughter or running scared! Take them down when tears start rolling. Use clown mode today!


Maybe I’m just saying this because I’m hungry, but, Pancake Mode. You go throughout the game without once stopping for a snack, so surely you must be peckish after all this time. Hands turn into frying pans and spatulas and a pancake mix faucet sprouts from your chest. Great for the chef on the go.


Two words. Killer Bees.
The “bees” would actually be comprised of clusters of nanites. Once unleashed they could inject either a paralytic or rapidly lethal poison. The Nanite Bees would also have the secondary effect of inciting panic in masses of enemy.


Nanite “Hack” Mode… very simple but very fun mode/game mechanic…
1)The suit uses its Nanites to hack into sysems (could be mini game for acessing new areas)
2) in regular gameplay suit can be used to interupt enermy forces wapons making them malfunction – imagine the fun of hacking an enermy from the shadows and then watching their weapon explode or jam.


Colonial Mode:

When Colonial mode is active all those beautiful pretty graphics turn bland washed out and the characters start walking through each other and look very stiff. Also the explosions and fire look like 2d sprites, plus recoil on weapons is pretty much gone.

It may not be the best power but if you hit an area that your graphics card just cant quite handle your fps will go up 10 fold so you can keep on trucking.


Flight mode, simple. it’ll add so much more crysis to see


The nanosuit needs a shoulder mounted railgun to pierce through walls, enemies, or take out vehicles.

This would require all the power of the nano suit for a single shot as it’s such an enery drain to power such a powerful blast, and with this the suit makes them no more than a normal human, much like being affected by an EMP grenade.

Due to the potential dangers of the downtime the user takes a gamble to survive a perilous situation if outnumbered.


- Meld Mode -
The Nanosuit is able to seperate its nano-molecular structure into its base atoms, shifting into a liquid state along with its user that is capable of merging and melding with or through most material. Similar to an electro-reactive liquid, the nano-meld would allow its user to circumvent obstacles, infiltrate via otherwise inaccessible means and escape should a threat prove too great.

Whilst the liquefaction process is rapid an allows for accelerated movement and plain-sight stealth in the form of melding with stationary objects or pools of fluid, the Nanosuit is vulnerable to electrical charges which disrupt its cohesion and function in this form, often leading to the death of the user when the nanites become dispersed, damaged, or attempt recombination whilst melded within another object.

Disclaimer, Care must be taken when utilizing Meld Mode. Please refer to your instruction manual. Do not attempt to Meld through electrified water or bother associates with ‘haunted’ moving objects. Under no circumstances must Meld Mode be used in a lavatory or restroom for ~any~ purpose.


My thoughts are a reversible polarity super magnet to pull all metal objects near by for cover or send them away at top speed as a weapon :D


Suit of Illusions!

The primary function would be it creating multiple images of the player. They could even create the illusion of cover fire. So your enemy wouldn’t know if you were mixed in with the other illusions or secretly flanking them with the illusions as a distraction. It could also project fake walls and cover traps flawlessly. Or even imagine, illusion grenades, throwing one grenade mixed in with lots of others, you enemy wouldn’t know where to run for cover! Meanwhile the fake explosions would also create a distraction for you to slip away unnoticed.

It would be really interesting in multiplayer as an enemy would need to make snap decisions and try to tell the real apart from the fakes in an intense battle situation. It would add a whole new dimension of tactical gameplay.


The nano suit should have a ‘sticky’ mode, it makes the surface of the suit rapidly super sticky and viscous which can then harden for a period of time. The applications are endless!

With sticky mode you can climb walls, hang from ceilings and shoot at or drop on unsuspecting enemies, give your target a nice big hug… and tear them apart by giving yourself a well deserved stretch, they can’t escape and if you pin them just right they can’t use their arms to defend themselves.

Collect debris and foliage and blend into the environment, surprise retro takedowns that make your multiplayer nemesis kick themselves for not spotting you.

Never fall off a moving vehicle or better yet, climb one with ease.

The only possible drawback with sticky mode is the squelching sound it makes as it engages which would make anyone cringe.


Bullet Sponge Mode.

A powerful attack that will leave the nanosuit drained of energy. When under heavy fire with nowhere to turn, activating this mode will make the suit catch enemy bullets from all directions and then send them flying back at the enemy. A last resort attack that will leave the suit defenseless so use wisely.


Rocket Mode.

Allows you to fly. It also allows you to lock onto a target and launch at it, exploding on impact. The wearer of the suit will not be harmed by the impact or the explosion, but everything within 100 metres of the impact will be destroyed.

Side note: Article mentions 7950 as prize, but image shows 7970 and article links to 7970.


Coconut Tree Transformation.

Those jungles can get hot, and a soldier needs a drink. Transform into a coconut tree and lure your enemies under your cool branches, entice them with sweet sweet coconut milk, and then we they least expects it …. BAM! coconut to the head. The perfect stealth kill as no one ever suspects the coconut tree…

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