Wildman Kickstarter and future of GPG looking dire with 9 days and $650K left


By on February 6, 2013 at 6:05 pm

Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor has bet the house on their Wildman Kickstarter, with the future of the entire company hanging in the balance. Unfortunately, with only 9 days to go the pledge drive has faltered at only $442,000 of its $1.1 million goal — and if funding continues at the current level, the project will close barely past the halfway mark.

The Kickstarter-tracking website Kicktraq is predicting that Wildman will wind up with only $634,000 at the current rate of pledging, which — according to Chris Taylor — means that the company will fold shortly afterwards. Gas Powered Games recently let go 40 staff, and is now operating on a skeleton staff.

GPG recently announced the release of some new concept art for the game, showing players what to expect and highlighting some of the key creatures and concepts. It’s interesting stuff, so take a look — and if you like what you see, head over to the Kickstarter and pledge!

Source: Thanks to Relaxed Possum for the art!

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Would be a shame to see gpg go, would have liked to see a SupCom 3 at some point.

I do have to wonder though, if people get nervous investing in a kickstarter when they company itself has said they’re likely to go down. I’ve bought into two games on kickstarter, but I’m kind of hesitant to put much more in until I see a return from the first two. Not that I expect it to happen, but it’s always in the back of my mind that it might not come to anything if the budget falls short or other problems arise.


I agree Irritus, Kickstarter projects for games have gone crazy and it’s over-saturated at the moment. I still wanna pop some money on it, because at the end of the day it’s only $20 from my wallet, and that’s only a couple of beers at the pub.

EDIT: Just pledged. Because stuff it, that’s why :)


The ridiculous 1.1 million goal isn’t helping them. I’ve never seen Kickstarter as a bailout for established developers. How much of this 1.1 is going to inflated salaries?


InXile asked for just under $1m and got almost $3m to make Wasteland 2. Obsidian asked for $1.1m and got almost $4m for Project Eternity. Inflated salaries? Maybe, I wouldn’t know because I’ve never had to make a game so I’m not going to assume. The goal is within reason though comparatively. It’s a shame because it looks like it will not make it.


It’s a shame to see GPG go down like this but their whole handling of this is straight up moronic. An astronomical goal with a title that doesn’t have much interest to begin with and banking the future of your entire company on it.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; publishers have risk management and project analysts for a reason. If KS has taught me anything it’s that most developers don’t have the slightest idea about running a business in the real world.


thing is, people have been waiting a long time for wasteland 2 and a sequel to baldurs gate or planescape. but dungeon siege has been getting sequels and they kept getting worse in my opinion, i just dont like dungeon siege types.


If my meager contribution can mayhap help this company stay afloat then so be it.
Jeez, this’ll be about the 6th backed project just this month…


here’s the thing for a company thats hopes of staying afloat ride on this kickstarter it’s one of the most lack lustre presentations I have seen


Should have made the base amount at $30… That’d put them at at least $600,000 instead of the meagre $440,000 they currently have :/


spooler: for a company thats hopes of staying afloat ride on this kickstarter it’s one of the most lack lustre presentations I have seen

I have to sort of agree with this. Though I do get the feeling that when they first released that kickstarter video, Chris Taylor was at wits end.

I’ve been following along with the updates and am pretty impressed with some of their ideas and the way that they’re approaching things. I’m also continually surprised that CT has any positivity left in him!

For the record I’m backing. I’ve grown an interest in the game from all the updates, I want to do something to support these guys and I really want to see more videos of CT doing his thing!



In the same boat as you mate, was a bit meh at first, but the updates and ideas have won me over big time :)





Here’s a brief interview between Chris Taylor and Chris Roberts, filmed just before the Wildman Kickstarter campaign started – Chris Roberts interviews Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games

If his passion for the game is anything to go by this game will be awesome

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