Video Review: Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed (PC)

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

By on February 22, 2013 at 9:50 am

Alex Walker jumps into his car — or is that a plane, or a hovercraft? — and zooms off to take a look at Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, SEGA’s all-in-one mascot racer which may have a stupid name, but turns out to be quite a bit of fun.

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Me and my mate played this on his XB360 on the weekend, it was a blast. A little disorienting playing it on a small standard res blurry CRT television in split screen, particularly on some levels transitioning to water. You’re kind of looking around going “Where do I go next?” That problem evapourates when you stick it on a decent screen of course, as I found out buying the PC version earlier this week. It’s still decent fun solo too, which is a strong point that Mario Kart seems to miss. I’ll have to sink some more hours into it in the coming weeks.


Bought it day 1 on the Wii U and played the shit out of it. It is a really easy game to pick up and play and have tons of fun playing.
Once you move on from B rank races the AI skyrockets and races become very challenging too. There is a great variety of characters to play as, each one handling a bit differently even if the game tells you the stats are identical as well as the ability to unlock mod kits through playing which will change the stat weighting on your vehicle (speed, acceleration, handling etc) so that if you want to play as knuckles instead of sonic but want the faster vehicle that sonic drives, you need only unlock the speed kit for knuckles which increases speed and acceleration but drops handling.
Also, there is a track that will remind you a great deal of Rainbow Road a bit later in the game.


LOL, what are they saying about Danica Patrick?


Got this and the previous version on PS3 and absolutely love them despite the PS3 constantly getting shafted when it comes to extra characters to play as. They’re still missing some classics like Wonderboy or ToeJam and Earl.

Now they just need a shorter title for the next game. Ditch the Sonic-centric marketing and just call it SEGA karting.


I’ve got the PC version and I have to admit it is very fun. Though the biggest downside is like they said about the control options, but also it is easier and more fun to play using a controller.


Yeah I’ve been using an XB360 controller and it works very nicely. I couldn’t imagine trying to use mouse and keyboard for this one.


It’s a great game probably my favorite arcade racer out at the moment.


Got this on ps3 and i agree, it is good.


Commenting to say, thumbs up for doing a video review, and thumbs up for giving a Youtube link. Gets annoying waiting for the buffering pauses here and its not the kind of thing I would bother to download, so the Youtube option really pays off :) So that would be two thumbs up, can’t ask for much more than that :D

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