Tribes goes pay-to-play (if that’s your cup of tea)

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By on February 13, 2013 at 4:54 pm

The free-to-play phenomenon continues to gather pace, but at least one publisher is willing to swim against the tide. Hi-Rez is introducing a new payment option for its online shooter Tribes: Ascend. While players are currently required to purchase content in a piecemeal fashion, from Friday 15th February they’ll be permitted to scoop up everything they need (with the possible exception of a mother’s love) in one go.

Hi-Rez cofounder Todd Harris has clarified that a single purchase “will unlock all classes, all weapons, and all perks in the current game; everything except the non gameplay affecting items like cosmetics”. According to Harris, the decision to introduce the more traditional option was made in response to community requests. Or, to put it another way, Hi-Rez has developed a fondness for money.

The existing free-to-play payment option will, of course, remain available and Harris has assured players that new maps will continue to rolled out for free.

Source: Gamasutra

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Hmm I wouldn’t say it’s developing a love of money, but rather providing another option to users.

Users could continue the free to play way, and buy things here and there, or outright purchase the game in the old fashioned way, which is something I would much rather do. If the price was right I would almost consider buying it this way.

Bugalugs McScruffin

If it is a decent price I would be very keen to pick this up. I quite enjoy Tribes, but I dislike grinding to unlock things. The key question here is, will a purchase ensure that when new classes are released they are automatically unlocked?


95% of the time, I would rather pay for a game than pay smaller transactions to unlock things as I go. LOTRO is a good example, I would rather pay a sub and buy the expansions than pay to unlock quests and other stuff one by one, that model of payment actually turns me off games. Although I have a feeling I am a minority there.


I’d rather pay for a full game outright also. My problem is with trust in multiple microtransaction security and who is processing it. I trust Steam with my account details. I’ve been forced to use origin for BF3…. beyond that… I refuse to hand over payment details buy in game items…. I think if it’s in the game, it should be achievable within a reasonable time frame of game play.

I played PS2, liked it. But I won’t spend a $ on it through micro transaction. I would be more likely to play PS2 more if I had paid the initial purchase price with greater options than have to grind unthinkable hours for useless perks for free and feel ever conscious of spending money on weapons which I should have been able to use in the first place.

Does anyone else get that begrudging feeling that I may par for a weapon that I may never use and feel ripped off? That’s why I don’t micro transact.


interesting, i payed for some the basic unlock package, but i’ll get em all if they’re free from friday lol great game! anyone should happily want to pay something torwards it


I found Tribes to get quite grindy at times at least when trying to work your way towards 100k + XP unlocks which would mean id pay some money. I do not beleive in microtransactions much but I beleive that if I spend at least some money then the game company has money to keep the game running for a bit longer. Tribes is the only F2P MP title ive really gotten into.
If I had a once off payment to get all classes when it came out id be glad to do it but now ive unlocked most of it anyway.

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