The Thunder King comes to WoW; new trailer shows assault on Lei Shen’s palace

World of Warcraft 5.2 The Thunder King

By on February 28, 2013 at 5:25 pm

Blizzard have released a new trailer for the upcoming patch 5.2, The Thunder King. As well as showing off the key locations you’ll play in the upcoming patch, the video also shows clips from the new ‘Throne of Thunder’ raid, shots of the new world boss Nalak the Storm Lord, and of course, a whole pile of pandas. You can learn more about patch 5.2 by clickin’ right here.

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is that game ever going to get a visual update? it looks like dog’s balls…



Blizzard added Directx 11 mode and visual updates on their previous expansion, Cataclysm.

But if you’re expecting a 6-year old MMO game with Frostbite 2/CryEngine 3-like visuals, you’re playing the wrong game.

Maybe with Blizzard’s next MMO.


Obligatory “lol wow” post.



Gameplay > Story > Graphics. I’d much rather play a fun game with a great story that has outdated graphics (to an extent) than playing a pretty game that plays like balls with no story. I’m looking at you Crysis, Battlefield and almost every other recent game that goes for eyecandy over content.

Sure games like TERA look pretty in comparison to WoW, but which game has more subs and has had those subs for so many years? Its not because WoW was there first, its because it does something right. WoW is far from my favourite game and it pisses me off after a month or two of playing it and then I don’t play until the next expansion, but I always seem to come back, which is far more than I can say for any other MMO I’ve played.


But it’s a case of some old same old. I agree wolfstar that Gameplay > Story > Graphics. It’s why I still play text adventures. But come on, I played WoW for a solid 4 years.. and after a while I get sick of seeing the low poly model, the same outfit design that has had a reskin and some crystals put on the shoulders. Direct X 11 is all fine and dandy for pretty spell effects and what not, but it’s just a cover over for the same old shit.


Actually the game gets an engine update every expansion and I have to say for a 8 year old game it looks great. I have a nice rig and just finished crysis 3 the most beautiful game I have played to date but flying over pandaria in wow looks quite nice for the games age. Also the video doesn’t really resemble the in game directx 11 engine and the game design. What other game are people playing which is subscription based that has around 9 million players. What I like about the Wow is the slow pace compared to other games like fps, starcraft 2, farcry 3 and crysis 3 to name a few I play it when I want a restful game with some music playing to relax. Don’t raid any more just the looking for raids which was a nice touch too. Worst thing they did was make you have to quest to get valor gear it hurts if you have a quiver of alts.

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