System Shock 2 coming to GOG, runs “flawlessly” on Windows XP through 8

System Shock 2

By on February 14, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Big news for old-school PC masterpiece lovers today as announces the upcoming re-release of System Shock 2 through their digital download service.

Going live in only four hours from now,’s version of System Shock 2 will ship with the soundtrack, the original pitch document, maps of the Von Braun, an interview with Ken Levine, and more.’s Guillaume Rambourg conducted an extensive interview with RPS in which he and Stephen Kick from Night Dive Studios, who took care of the port, discuss the game’s importance and issues both legal and technical when bringing it across. Rambourg mentioned that user-made mods for System Shock 2 have been hugely important in helping them figure out what needed to be done to make the port work.

“There are a number of community-made efforts that help a lot with stability on newer systems; they’ve pointed the way for us, and the game runs pretty much flawlessly on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8,” claims Gambourg. “Our most recent build has gone through all of our test team PCs without a hitch, and the game is definitely polished up and ready for its time in the limelight again.”

“After playing something as tense and thought-provoking as System Shock 2, I think “World War 2 FPS #37″ doesn’t feel quite as satisfying an endeavour,” he added. “I’d love it if this encouraged fans to ask for more robust gameplay from their developers!”

Source: RPS

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the Many siiiings to usssss…


ohhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiit

can’t wait, awesome. Now time for civ2!


Oh yeah! Cannot wait, there with bells on all right! :)


System Shock 1 where? :P

The comment about WW2 shooters was silly, if he wants to make a point he should’ve cited modern shooters as the WW2 genre is practically gone.


Wow, I never thought this could happen. Hope restored.


Nice – let’s hope mods etc work with it, too!


I’m buying it for me. I’m buying it for my kids.

This is, ONE of those games.


is it just me or has their site been bombarded to death? redirects to, which doesn’t exist in DNS. Whoops.

Also, SS2 was epic.


Never played this game, how is this so :( But I seem to recall a cheat that gave you a chip?



I was wondering what happened to SS1 myself. I’d like to see it up on GoG too if possible, it was rather a good game for its time.

Yeah, one of the things SS2 was famous for was being relentlessly cruel. Not just repsawning badguys either, I remember the weapon failure rate was rather high too. There was an official patch released shortly after the game was released that alleviated both problems if I recall, by adding options to an ini file that could be edited in a text editor that toned things down a little. The GoG release would highly likely have those options ready to fix I assume.


3 letters sum up my feelings on this one:


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