Screenshot dump: Here’s what Crysis 3 looks like on a GTX 680

Crysis 3

By on February 21, 2013 at 12:08 pm

Fresh from our massive Crysis 3 review and big ol’ Crysis 3 giveaway, we’ve got yet more Crysis 3 for you: this time, a screenshot gallery of the screens taken by Nick during his review.

All screens are taken on a PC with a GTX 680 and an i7 3770. Click ‘em up to enlarge.

Got Crysis 3 screens of your own? Upload ‘em and show us the links in the comments below!

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Wait.. so is it meant to look like crap?

The 2nd screenshot is the only one that looks good.

The rest look plastic and… jaggery.. and ugh.


Shame about the jaggies. They really take away from what’d otherwise look pretty incredible.


Needs more AA. I’ll try and grab some during my playthrough. Dual 670′s should allow for some AA love.


I think the aesthetics are the problem. Those screenshots while they look like they have tons of graphical bells and whistles in play don’t actually look that interesting.


well i’m wet


Taking into account the scenario the shots are pretty damn good. The jaggies are a result of a 680 not punching enough AA, but that’s to be expected when only 30FPS was possible anyway…

We’ll have to see how Titan handles it, along with a pair of 7970′s :D


Looks like a mixture of call of duty and half life 2

Such a disappointment, I mean even call of duty can make 1 dimensional smoke graphs and going by a few pics on here it looks like the same old, make it look realer than it really is. Adding grass as jaggy pieces of glass or absolutely bland environments in air battles like cod does.


My 580′s just became old.

Also, 2GB of my RAM blew up, so I’d be playing with dual 580′s, 4GB RAM and an i7-964 CPU. Fairly ageing.

I has a sad.


Murray Hibble:
My 580′s just became old.

Also, 2GB of my RAM blew up, so I’d be playing with dual 580′s, 4GB RAM and an i7-964 CPU. Fairly ageing.

I has a sad.

Don’t even try that, Mellie. I’m still running the Q6600/GTX260/4GB combo that was bought over 5 years ago now (the GTX260 replaced an 8800GTX and is maybe 2 years old).


Jesus christ, aren’t there charities set up for people like you?



Does that have a film grain effect on it?
And more importantly, can you turn it off?


What a bunch of babies – for the most part, the screenshots look amazing.

Compare to 90% of what comes out now, which has hideously low textures/lack of effects thanks to cross-platform development limitations, and these look fantastic.


caitsith01 didn’t you know it’s the current in thing to do! Rag on something that is strong in a particular area because the armchair auditor’s are strong in their ignorance-fu…

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