Origin sale ends tonight, get Dead Space 1&2 for $10, ME trilogy for $40


By on February 18, 2013 at 4:09 pm

Origin are actually using their massive discounting ability to offer some impressive discounts on EA games, valid until midnight AEDT tonight.

If you head over to the Origin online store you can grab Dead Space 1 for $4.50, Dead Space 2 for $6, and the entire Mass Effect Trilogy for $39 (normally $70).

Meanwhile, Dragon Age: Origins and the sequel are $10 each, Crysis is just $4.50 (what is this, Steam?) and Battlefield 3‘s various expansions are anywhere from $10 – $12 (if you’re not a Premium member).

Check them all out by clicking here.

Source: Origin (thanks Cas!)

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Golly, they’re cheapening all those IPs.


Golly, they’re cheapening all those IPs.

That was my first thought.


Won’t someone PLEASE think of the IPs!


PalZer0: That was my first thought.

Ditto, pretty sure they’ve had more sales in a month than steam in it’s life time.


God damn you lot, Origin can’t win.. damn if they do, damned if they don’t..Since when was a Steam sale accused of “cheapening” an IP …


But MUH IP is being cheapened.


God damn you lot, Origin can’t win.. damn if they do, damned if they don’t..Since when was aSteam sale accused of “cheapening” an IP …

Can’t work out if internet’s best troll or EA’s biggest fanboy, either way though I’m in tears here.


schrapple’s comment,

Wish you had a like button to press.

Mearehear – EA said Steams sales were cheapening an IP and hence it is hypocritical that they’re now having decent sales of their own.

To their credit a good sale is a good sale so go buy if you need any of these.


Dragon Age 10 bucks each? Hardly the best Deal. Pretty sure Amazon Digital had the 2 pack for like $5-$7.50 during christmas.

Still, I will admit some of those like Dead Space 2 have very ‘anti-Australian pricing’ in terms of usual price gouging compared to Steam.


damn, some decent prices there. Maybe not the best prices around, but they’re still cheap. Quit bitching and be happy we have these options lol


Hahaha As if I’d play a game that costs less than $10. Everyone knows that only the best games worth playing come with a price tag of $80+


Mearehear is right. EA could give every game in Origin away for free and donate $1 billion to charity… and you guys would still complain about it or find some way to give them shit.

Get over it already or would you prefer they never put on any sales at all?


Also being willfully ignorant of what EA said.

They never said they won’t do sales, I point this out to some of you (ie PalZer0) nearly every time this comes up, so at this stage I have to assume you’re not actually interested in facts.

Sure some of this is getting close to what he said feels cheapens IP, but isn’t actually over the figure they gave at the time.

Also he comments that it works for Valve and that’s fine, it’s just not something EA want.

But carry on, DAE HATE EA LOL



Pointing out hypocrisy is one of the most enjoyable things I can think of. So naturally when the head honcho of Origin, David DeMartini, said they don’t believe in sales because it cheapens IP and shame on Steam for doing so…and then almost immediately do a complete 180 when they see how much money can be made… well, you can hardly blame us for giving them shit for that, it’s just too delectable.



He never said that.



They never said they won’t do sales,

“just don’t look for 75 per cent off going-out-of-business sales” – David DeMartini, 2012.

You’re completely right Makena, this sale is only up to 70% off, so I guess they’re not hypocrites after all.


I addressed that, also if you bothered to read the full interview with him you might actually more understand his point of view, and even the interviewer somewhat agreed with him.

But of course, more fun to cherry pick a comment and have a good ole sook.



I read the interview, and I believe I completely understand DeMartini’s argument. He was pretty specific in saying that you won’t see EA games discounted that much on Origin as it cheapest the IP, and sales of 75% off vastly undervalue the hard work that developers put into games. He was having a go at Steam, their direct competitor, and trying to explain why you don’t see significant sales on Origin. Soon after we saw significant sales on Origin. I’m not sure how else to read it mate, please enlighten me in how this is not saying one thing and then doing another?

And I’m not having a sook, I’m having a laugh. I don’t hate EA, I just don’t think about them when I can help it. You’re the one rushing to their defence, so maybe you could quit the sooking and allow us our jollies. Origin bashing is a time honoured tradition and I won’t allow such a entertaining sport to be derailed by the likes of you.


Yes eggheart I can. Repeating that line is a new and interesting dig at EA that hasn’t been seen in any Origin sales article ever!

No, wait, tt’s actually akin to “first” posts. I’d say it was funny the first few times but “first” posts were never funny.



Ah the ole “I’m not sooking, why are you sooking?” I wouldn’t say I’m sooking, nor did I mention names (Aside from PalZer0) as to who might be having a sook, I would happily concede that I’m arguing though.

As to why I’m arguing this, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of shit gets slung at EA round these parts, and frankly when it comes from a base of ignorance, I like to offer a counter view.

I’d suggest you re read the part of the interview you’re referring too, especially the question, which was specifically about “random deep discounting”, and that he understands what Valve does, just that EA have a different perspective about it.

He goes on to say that

“occasionally there will be things that are on sale you could look for a discount, just don’t look for 75 percent off going-out-of-business sales.”

Now sure, 70% is close to that, but it’s on a fairly limited list of titles, nothing like the huge sales that steam do at xmas/mid year (12 titles vs hundreds, or thousands?).

So if you can’t see how he’s not saying “EA will never do sales”, and how this sale differs from what sales steam do, then that’s fine, but I respectfully disagree.

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