NVIDIA launches GTX Titan, promises supercomputer power in your games


By on February 20, 2013 at 6:42 pm

NVIDIA overnight revealed their new GTX Titan, the card with the sort of power you’ll find in the Titan, the the Oak Ridge Supercomputer. Their site features a flashy video but it doesn’t tell you a lot about what’s inside, so — courtesy of Anantech, whose breakdown you should absolutely read — I’ve embedded the following chart below that shows where it falls on the NVIDIA GTX scale.

NVIDIA are pushing it hard on their site as the ultimate gaming solution, touting its TXAA, PhysX and GPU Boost 2 support with temperature control, overclocking and overvoltage all within the utility.

Note the launch price: $1,000, the same as the GTX 690. But that’s the US price — what will we see here in Australia? Fingers crossed.

More coverage at  Guru3DHardware CanucksHardware HeavenLegit Reviews, and Overclockers Club (thanks, Blue’s News).

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Wake me when there’s some actual benchmarks done.



Wake me when there’s some actual benchmarks done.

Card envy.


transistor count : 7.1B – whats that? 7.1billion? 7.1 bees? 7.1 buttons?

i know i can google and find it out within half a second but id prefer your random input to teach me proper.


yawn wake me when the GTX700 series comes out. (rumor was next month)


It still won’t make Aliens Colonial Marines look any better though… :p


thats a beast of a card! i’d still rather just SLI 2 mid range cards though, hasn’t let me down performance wise yet doing that. And its more cost effective than that lol


mmm, wonder how close that is going to get to 120fps minimum in the latest games….
would love to finally see my 3d monitor at full frame rate with everything cranked up.


The biggest difference and advantage of this card, folks, is that it’s a single gpu, unlike the 690 which is a dual gpu.
A single gpu has many advantages over using a dual gpu setup. And when it offers the same amount of power as an SLI setup does, then the single gpu card is the best choice every time.

Until now, however, there has never really been a viable “top end” single gpu card.



Rumor was september fool, rumor for titan is next month.


Ugh, It’s the same price as a 690 that I just bought, god damnit nVidia.

I’ve already heard what the card sounds like (It’s BLOODY quiet compared to my 690 at load)

I love my 690, I just wish it was a tiny bit quieter, my only complaint with it.


6 VRAMs!!!


Ugh, It’s the same price as a 690 that I just bought, god damnit nVidia.

I’ve already heard what the card sounds like (It’s BLOODY quiet compared to my 690 at load)

I love my 690, I just wish it was a tiny bit quieter, my only complaint with it.

Put that 690 under water ;)

I think the biggest thing people forget about this card is that it is a GPGPU monster as well as monster raster performance. If you just want to game, don’t get a Titan. But if you game at high-res and do CAD work, then Titan is a perfect GPU as its a no compromise GPU. You get insane raster performance along with insane compute performance and it all comes on an incredibly power efficient package (only 20-30w more than 7970 based on TDP).

Also heard Titan officially launches tomorrow, not next month. Which would fit since Nvidia usually release on Thursdays traditionally. Although thats not to say we will see any cards in Australia until next month. Even when it does land, $1400 anyone?



$2000 would be closer to the mark IMO.


Been about 10 months since the 690 came out and it’s still no cheaper than $1249 in Aus:



Well for everyone getting one of these, nicely done. Though kinda overpowered for all current games, with the possible upcoming exception of Crysis 3.

At least it’ll push out FB2 based games a bit better…


vengeance47: Put that 690 under water ;)

That’s what I ended up doing with mine, 690′s do indeed get quite vocal once stressed, very happy I did end up taking the plunge and setting up a custom loop, runs very cool now, especially considering how warm it gets where I live.

Given that 690′s still retail for $1250, I find it ridiculous that the TITAN will more than likely be priced slightly higher here on release, taking into account that it will launch at the same price the 690 did in the US, which ended up being $1500 locally, the fact that the 690 should still have a slight performance advantage (which is all that really matters), I would have thought TITAN would slot in between 680 and 690 in terms of cost, i.e $1000AU, not gonna happen.


Amazon.com + comGateway (if not shipping to Aus)

I’d still do it even if it was <$100 saved just due to the Australia Tax.


Wake me up when we actually get to the next generation of cards, instead of just boosting the hell out of tech we already have.


Sexy, but not needed unless price isn’t a worry for you


Well considering the GTX690 still goes for close to $1200, this thing will easily cost over $1500.

Yay for Australian tax.

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