North Korean propaganda video uses clip from Modern Warfare 3 to show New York under attack

North Korean Video

By on February 6, 2013 at 6:41 pm

North Korea’s successful launch of a space-capable rocket recently and their threat to carry out further tests targeting the US has apparently inspired the creation of their new propaganda video — one which isn’t above taking footage from Modern Warfare 3 in order to show the United States under attack.

The video, spotted on Liveleak, shows a young man sleeping and dreaming of a glorious new age of North Korean space flight. The space shuttle circles the globe several times, zooming in on a joyous and newly re-united Korea, before flipping to images of New York City being blown up.

The scene in question is taken directly from a similar scene in Modern Warfare 3, and is superimposed over with text that allegedly reads “Somewhere in the United States, black clouds of smoke are billowing. It seems that the nest of wickedness is ablaze with the fire started by itself.” Take a look below.

Source: Liveleak via Kotaku

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WE ARE THE WORLD… WE ARE TH… oh wait we weren’t meant to sing along…


Yeah that is COD Modern Warfare 3, it is the part when you are flying in the black hawk after firing the submarine missiles at the Russian naval fleet. The jets flying near the end of that segment of footage gives it away.


WE ARE THE WORLD… WE ARE TH… oh wait we weren’t meant to sing along…

Wasn’t that song performed by USA for Africa?
Or was it DPRK for Africa?


So, would this be considered more or less crazy than his Dad?

I’m pretty sure the media stopped propagating all the nonsense his Dad came up with, so no idea how comparable this is.


So North Koreans dream in fuzzy bland 3D graphics?



The 2nd World is 10 years behind the 1st. It’s decent for 2003.


If only this was just a funny video…


Sorry, this video cannot be played because it is too ironic.


North Korea is also unhappy about steam price discrimination…. atleast they’re planning to do something about it…


“I’m soooo Rooonnnnryyyyyyy”


Your face when CoD is also propaganda.


AAAAAAAHAHAHA I KNEW IT. No shit when I saw this I was like, Where the fuck are poor ass North Korea going to get CGI from. They can’t even make a sandwich????? I actually thought, this must be MW3 or something. This is the Best. I haven’t even played MW3 haha. This video is not scary though, they will NEVER attack. They would lose so fast. It’s just meant to strengthen their brainwashed people.



Actually, Hollow, Korea is set to do it’s 3rd nuclear test using highly enriched uranium. Just sayin’

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