Here’s how to activate PhysX in Planetside 2

By on February 13, 2013 at 6:23 am

If you participated in Planetside 2 beta, you may recall that early versions of this free-to-play action game utilised PhysX middleware. NVidia’s almost ubiquitous physics engine will soon be officially patched into the game, but as reported by PCGamesN, you’re in no way obligated to wait. You can activate the option right now by editing the useroptions.ini file in the Planetside 2 Steam folder. Open it as a text file and add the following two lines at the end of the [Rendering] section:

  • ForceGpuPhysics=1
  • GpuPhysics=1

This latest attempt to find the magic formula for a successful MMO shooter received a warm reception from critics when it emerged from beta last year. It doesn’t do to rest on your laurels, however, so it’s nice to see that Sony Online Entertainment is still looking for ways to satiate its user base and attract new players.

Source: PCGamesN

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The gun shots and elevator things look cool, otherwise nothing too special I don’t think.


The elevators look amazing!


People weren’t doing this already?

Let me do you a favour:


(not sure if force does anything)

RenderDistance is ‘infinite’ at that level; turn it down to 2000 if your CPU isn’t the best (like mine) and still get a very good draw distance for flying. 3000 is the max you’d ever need if you want to stream the game and need some extra CPU somehow.

Texture Quality goes down to 0, I think it filters them a little less? Either way there is a noticeable difference

These 2 screenshots are the most obvious difference in game:

I have about a dozen of these comparisons and some videos but it’s hard to notice when the forum downscales it so much, but the difference here is crystal clear at least.


I got sick of playing this game with terrible performance on my 670GTX and i5 that I just stopped playing. Can’t stand playing FPS games on less than 60fps, and low graphics settings (and 2000 draw distance) wasn’t even giving that to me very often.



All aboard the QQ train!!!!!!




All aboard the QQ train!!!!!!


I concur.

My GTX 679 ( a broken one mind you) varied from 25 FPS at the crown to 80FPS elsewhere (although obviously my monitor didn’t go that high) with an intel core 2 quad (Q9550) and everything maxed out (the CPU was the bottleneck).


PhysX run a lot better now then it did in the Planetside 2 close beta, I used to get 20fps last year in the closed beta with PhysX enabled and now 80fps with PhysX.


My i7 2600K and GTX670 have never had any issues with this at the best in-game menu settings.

A GTX670 is easily enough to run this on really high settings. Dragol, what kind of crappy bloatware/inefficient CPU do you have?



Why do you need high performance? It is not as if the vaginu need skill to play their characters.



Those test were taken not while firefights but with no players in Rashnu Bio labs closed beta and Rashnu Bio labs now.

Also since i’ve got a dedicated PhysX card and running about in PhysX areas the most i’ve seen usage wise is 28% max, so there is still a lot more improvements to be made, where as a game like Hawken utilizes a lot more PhysX.


need to play more of this! got sidetracked with single player games lately

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