Footage from Obisidian’s cancelled Aliens: Crucible RPG turns up

Aliens: Crucible

By on February 21, 2013 at 4:14 pm

After the disappointment of Aliens: Colonial Marines, many are wondering what might have been if only the Aliens RPG in production at Obisidian several years ago wasn’t cancelled and shoved into the bin. Well — if you’ve got 13 minutes to check it out, the below video should give you a good idea. The footage comes from an unfinished, WIP build but it’s pretty indicative of the direction Obisidian were heading, which is similar to what we saw in Alpha Protocol.

Source: Unseen64

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I wonder if this game would be getting so much attention if it wasn’t for the controversy surrounding Colonial Marine… I quiet like Obisidian games but don’t think I would have picked this up had it been released.



It looks like it could have been superb.

Stupid studios.


Needs a shite tonne of work but there’s so much bloody potential there.
This game needs to get made.



It was cancelled because Sega decided that A:CM was a much better idea; and releasing both would have diluted the Aliens name.

This WAS a long time ago though…


Can’t tell if those are better looking/moving aliens than what are in A:CM or the same….

Definately an interesting looking game at any rate, tis a shame


That awkward moment, when this Work in progress Alpha footage is more intriguing and interesting to me over the first person shooter ‘final product’ sega decided to go with.

Obsidian + Rpg + similar to Alpha protocol… can’t really go wrong with that formula.



It was cancelled because Sega decided that A:CM was a much better idea; and releasing both would have diluted the Aliens name.

This WAS a long time ago though…

A stroke of genius…

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