Everything the PC gamer needs to know about the PS4 announcement


By on February 21, 2013 at 6:08 pm

Hey, PC gamers. You’ve probably seen people talking today about something called a “PS4″. What is it? Who makes them? What does “PS” stand for? How are they up to four of these freaky things, when you can’t even remember there being a first one?

Well, don’t fret. Just because you run a gaming machine that’s already more powerful and has better graphics than the next generation of home consoles doesn’t mean you can’t expand your horizons a little bit — at least enough to understand some of the weird acronyms your friends were spouting before you interrupted and — correctly — changed the subject back to PC gaming (you should look into getting better friends, those ones seem untrustworthy).

Blizzard makes good on those Diablo III console rumours

Yes, it’s all happening — those continual job postings for console developers at weren’t for nothing. At the event Sony happily announced that Diablo III would be coming to the PS3 and the PS4. The first hands-on of the game running on PS3 tech will be available at PAX East in late March.

Will it be the same as the PC version? Well, in a word, no. They’re keeping what they call “the core experience”, including all of the latest updates, but adding a new dynamic camera and control system — and a local co-op mode, which is actually the sort of thing I’d love to see on the PC version. How the new control system will work is not yet known.

Should you be afraid? Probably not! Blizzard’s market is still heavily PC focused, but they’d be crazy not to try and capture a new audience on the console when they can.

The PlayStation 4 still isn’t as powerful as your PC (probably)

Sony’s may have refused to actually show what their machine looks like (for… some reason) but as PC gamers, we know that it’s not what’s on the outside that counts — it’s the gleaming metal guts of the beast.

The PS4 has finally moved onto x86 architecture, which should make the unfortunate reality of console ports a lot easier, and Sony claims it’s an 8-core processor, but has yet to release any actual speeds. Their new AMD Radeon-based GPU contains a unified array of 18 computing units, generating 1.84 Teraflops of processing power, which is better than a GeForce GTX 650 at 1.4 Teraflops but far worse than a 670 at 2.4 Teraflops.

The just-announced NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan, which will be launching soon, claims 4.5 Teraflops of computing power — 150% better than the PS4′s new GPU.

I’ll understand if you want to take a moment.

The PS4 also has 8GB of GDDR5 unified system memory, giving it 176 GB/second of bandwidth. This is pretty cool, but AMD started shipping GDDR5 memory in 2008 and so, by now, a GTX 660 has 192 GB/second of bandwidth on its GDDR5 memory. It’s not unified system memory, true, but with DDR3 RAM as cheap as it is, even 16GB of the stuff isn’t out of the question for the vaguely interested PC gamer.

Connectivity issues and options

The PS4 will feature the ability for you to start instantly streaming your gameplay at the touch of a button via Ustream, fire up a web browser while in game, play games as you download them with improved streaming technology, test games through Gaikai’s cloud gaming service without buying them, and even turn your smartphone into a second screen for any game through a new app.

Well… okay, I was getting ready to be all snarky, but that last one is pretty cool. Fair enough, Sony. Well played. Grumble grumble. Oh! And it won’t block used games, according to Eurogamer. So that’s nice too.

As for the launch details, the PS4 is coming “this holiday season”, the price has not been announced, and nobody knows what it looks like. How are we supposed to find it in the shops, Sony? Am I the only person thinking about these things?!

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“The just-announced NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan, which will be launching soon, claims 4.5 Teraflops of computing power — 250% better than the PS4′s new GPU.”

Fuck’n lol.. obsolete before it even comes out :D

If the PS4 costs any more than AU$1000 you’d be better off just upgrading your current rig. Something tells me this is going to be one expensive console.


You realise the Titan is going to cost 1000 dollars, right? Probably a couple hundred more over here. It’d be ridiculous to expect Sony to put that much hardware in a console.


I have a GTX 670.


You should see the Blizzard forums, re Diablo 3 on PS3/PS4. So many “so that’s why the whole thing was dumbed down, they were planning on a console release from the start” style comments.


So it runs at the same potential speed as a 6 series NVIDIA Card?

That ain’t bad.. in fact, that’s pretty good for a console. They’ll eke more out of that by the end of the cycle (just look at the quality change between GTA3 and San Andres) as having that single set of specs makes it so much easier to tweak performance.


The console would be cheaper then getting a gaming PC that would run games the same graphics etc and there is also everything else that it would be able to do.

Hate to say this but consoles are the way of life in the lounge room.


You think it’s going to cost $1000?

Wow, if the ps4 is anymore than 600 or 700 bucks i really dont see a lot of people bothering with it.
Not in this economy.


The just-announced NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan, which will be launching soon, claims 4.5 Teraflops of computing power — 250% better than the PS4′s new GPU.

And is likely to cost upwards of 300% of the entire Playstation 4 console.

The specs are good imo and much better than what was rumoured. The GPU is much better than the rumoured 6670 and 8GB of RAM is huge. I’m hoping the CPU is clocked higher than the rumoured 1.6GHz and it being x86 means porting should be easier.

Speaking of which the console not being *as* powerful as a PC if anything is a good thing as computers won’t die on ports as hard.

The controller is fugly on the other hand and I just don’t get the random touchscreen. Seems like a useless addition that’s there just for the sake of it like the sixaxis. But at least they did something with it after leaving it unchanged since the PS1.


You should see the Blizzard forums, re Diablo 3 on PS3/PS4.So many “so that’s why the whole thing was dumbed down, they were planning on a console release from the start” style comments.

Seen this? http://kotaku.com/5985811/diablo-iii-fans-are-not-reacting-well-to-the-games-ps4-announcement?tag=playstation

Also EB games are doing pre orders for the PS4 at $899

That being said, they are also pre ordering games at $118. Pricing hasn’t officially been released so take i with a pinch of salt


I don’t think they should be allowed to take preorders until Sony gives the OK with RRP etc.



To be fair, there’s nothing that is very expensive here. Whilst it does have the power of an 9-core proccessor, it is clocked at a very low speed, meaning your not going to get that insane power you thought you’d get when you head the word 8-core. Ram is also cheap these days – an easy upgrade option for more power. AS with the GPU, it isn’t going to be top of the line or anything, we’re talking 1.84 Teraflops, retail price you wouldn’t be looking at anything exceeding $250-300 for the part alone. In all honesty, I believe the system will be retailing in stores for, let’s say $550-$650 max.


and now, onto drm..


The Gaikai services probably won’t be available in Australia for a while yet while we get our internet infrastructure sorted out (and possibly local datacentres too to minimise lag).


i don’t still understand how they will use old ps3 games, so will they be for free?


I wonder if they are going to get it to run a bit cooler and quieter then the PS3, also backwards compatibility?


I like the sound of 8 cores, we’re bound to finally see games designed to effciently split up thier processing across multiple cores.

That’s got to have the potential to provide games with more room for improvement than what just looking at the graphical power of the PS4 would suggest surely?


You think it’s going to cost $1000?

Wow, if the ps4 is anymore than 600 or 700 bucks i really dont see a lot of people bothering with it.
Not in this economy.

Hard to say. Sony lost a lot of their ground made in the PS2 years due to some crazy idea of jamming a bunch of features on the PS3 and PSP no one really wanted and pricing themselves right out of the market for many people.

Maybe they will have an outbreak of common sense and remember why exactly the PS2 completely dominated the console market during its era. Then again with how eccentric Sony are, they might do the complete opposite instead.


Agreed, Yurtles. Having a single architecture makes devs much smarter in how they work it, we should see a good lifespan out of these consoles.

As to backwards compatibility, I’ll again say meh! Holding up both my monitors to eye-level right now are the cream of my PS2 era-games. Manhunt, the GTA series, FFX (yes, I love it, sue me) and more. I’ll never play them again… hence why i’ve been reselling my Xbox/PS3 games over the last few years and even then I’ll still have too many left.

If I can run PS4 generation games, why would I want to look at something inferior?


As one of the “PC Master Race”, I have to say, it all looks pretty good. Am looking forward to more details on gaming and platform as time rolls on.

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